Dear Investor,

This document is to provide you information to start a relationship with Odea Bank A.Ş.

Odea Bank A.Ş. is a subsidiary of Bank Audi SAL but also an independent entity established in Turkey subject to Turkish Banking Laws and Regulations. Due to this reason, you should apply to Odeabank personally to start a relationship with Odeabank, regardless of being a Bank Audi Entity customer.

During your applications, you will be required to provide some necessary information and the documents listed below. You should also sign the related documents prepared by the Bank. After the completion of the documentation, Odeabank Branch Team initiates an account opening process. The Compliance Teams also assess the application. If the application results positively, your Relationship Manager contacts you to initiate the relationship and provides you your IBAN.

The Documents to provide for Individual, Non-Resident, Non-Turkish Citizen Person:

Identification Documentation

  • Submission of the translation of the passport by Turkish Embassy of the Country.
  • Certificate of Residence are also accepted. It is drafted as periodically. After the expiration date, legally the document should be renewed within 15 days.

Address Declaration

  • Address declaration and address confirmation are required. (Utility Bill of last three months, requiring subscription (electricity, water, phone)). It should be written in Latin alphabet.
  • Other document types that are valid are listed as below:
  • Utility Bill of last three months, subscriptions (electricity, water, phone) that are in the name of a third person with whom the relationship can be proved by a marriage license.
  • A credit card delivery form that explains that the customer is resident at the declared address.
  • Any invoice that belongs to a Turkish GSM operator in the name of the customer.
  • Any postal receipt that shows that the customer is resident.

Tax Number

  • If the customer does not have a tax number for Turkey, Turkey Branch will obtain the tax number for the customer.

Additional Documents

  • Sometimes Odeabank can ask for additional documentation. If the documents are drafted in a foreign language, the notarized Turkish translations of the documents are required. Translations shall either be confirmed by a Notary in Turkey or by the Turkish consulate of the foreign country.

About Double Taxation for Residents

  • Pursuant to the double taxation treaties signed by Turkish Republic with other countries, a calculation is made for withholding tax in line with the ratio specified on the double taxation treaties and tax advantage can be obtained accordingly.
  • In order to make calculation over the ratio specified on the double taxation treaty for the calculation of the withholding tax, the account holders must obtain certificate of residence from the authorized taxation office of their countries. It is essential that Notarized translation or certified translation of the certificate of residence by the Turkish consulates in those countries along with the original certificate are delivered to the bank by said persons. In the event that certificate of residence is not declared, the withholding tax rate applicable in Turkey shall be valid. Certificate of residence is valid for one calendar year. Therefore, it is obligatory to renew it each year until the end of March

Branches You Can Contact:

You can visit the branches listed below to get delicate service for your banking needs.

Branch Address Telephone
BEŞIKTAŞ Sinanpaşa Mah. Ortabahçe Cad. No:13 BEŞIKTAŞ + (90) 212 396 15 00
ETILER Nispetiye Cad. No:60/A-B Etiler BEŞIKTAŞ + (90) 212 359 16 00
MASLAK Maslak Mahallesi Ahi Evran Cad. Olive Plaza No:11 ŞIŞLI + (90) 212 304 81 00
BEBEK Bebek Mahallesi Cevdetpaşa Caddesi No: 36 34342 BEŞIKTAŞ + (90) 212 362 47 00
SUADİYE Bağdat Caddesi NO:406 KADIKÖY + (90) 216 468 54 00

For all other banking transactions and other details, you can contact your Relationship Manager in the listed Branches. ​​​​​​​​