Bulk Cheques/Bill Collections and Integration Collections

The collection of your cheques and bills is carried out and all relevant information related to past and current collections is delivered through daily or weekly reports.


Utility Bill Payments

Pay your electricity, water, natural gas and mobile phone utility bills with our phone banking service or head to any of our branches.

Salary Payments

Through Odeabank, private or public institutions can make personnel salary payments on predetermined dates.

Tax Payments

Odeabank administers the collection of taxes payable to the tax authority.

Lump Sum Payments

You can perform all your EFT/money transfers automatically in a fast and secure way.

Regular Payments

Place a standing order to easily make regular payments like rent and subscription fees among others.

SSI(Social Security Institution) Transactions

Pay your SSI contributions through our Bank.

Customs Duty Transactions

Execute customs duty transactions through our Bank.

Cash Cheque Collection Services

Your cash and cheques are received and transported in armored cars to be deposited in your accounts.

Accounting Integrations

The information related to all your account activities is electronically transferred in the World Standard Format of Swift mt940 with the transaction codes in compliance with our accounting systems.​​​