Revolving Loans

Operating as a bank overdraft facility, such loans enable you to withdraw any amount of money anytime to satisfy your short-term cash needs, within the specified maturity and limit. Interest is accrued on a quarterly basis for the loans, the value date and interest rate of which are not fixed during the loan utilization period.

Spot Loans

The type of loan you can get for your immediate financing needs with the specified value-date, loan principal and interest rate paid off upon maturity. The amount, applicable interest rate and maturity of spot loans do not change during the duration of the loan. You can avoid the impact of market fluctuations with the fixed interest rate.

Discounted Loans

A type of loan, which can be converted to cash by selling commercial papers (arising from commercial transactions like cheques and bills that are not yet due, by means of endorsement and delivery) to the Bank before maturity. After the interest, commission, RUSF and BITT  calculated on the cheque/bill amount are deducted, the remaining amount is paid out as a loan. Thus, such types of loans provide your company with short-term financing and cash management.

SME Loans

Loans extended in foreign currency from abroad and utilized in Turkish Lira or in foreign exchange indexed through banks. As there is no term limitation, you can pay back your loan with equal installments or flexible payments. You may also be exempt from RUSF provided that the term exceeds approximately 1 year.

Foreign Currency Loans

It is a type of loan to finance export, sales, export-related activities, as well as foreign currency generating activities, provided that the export contract is fulfilled. If this is the case, you can be exempt from taxes, dues, charges and funds (RUSF) with this type of loan. It is possible to use the loan as spot or revolving.

Foreign Currency Indexed Loans

Unlike foreign currency loans, Foreign Exchange Indexed Loans are in Turkish Lira with interest rates indexed to a foreign currency free of any export obligation. Thus, the risk is monitored in foreign currency. Companies which are unable to use foreign currency loans but have an income in foreign currency, can finance their activities with foreign currency indexed loans.

Installment Loans

A kind of loan utilized immediately and paid back within a determined maturity with equal monthly installments or a flexible payment plan you determine as per your cash flow. You can use installment loans for your cash needs, car financing or workplace purchases.

Investment Loans

Cash and non-cash loans extended by our Project Finance Department in accordance with the projections for all your investment needs. The investment loans are created in line with the business plan, relevant sector analysis and cash flow projections prepared by the department.

Export Loans

A type of loan financing the pre-shipment or post-shipment needs of companies carrying out export and export-related activities, as well as foreign currency generating ones. With this type of loan, you can enjoy exemption from taxes, dues and charges depending upon the export contract.​​​​