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İnternet kullanımlarınızda güvenliğini arttırmak ve İnternet Şubesinde sorunsuz işlem yapabilmek için tarayıcıların güncel versiyonlarını kullanmanızı, eğer kullanmıyorsanız yazılımcı firma resmi sitelerinden ücretsiz olarak güncellemenizi tavsiye ederiz.

Güncel Versiyonunu İndir Detaylı Bilgi
Yeni mobil uygulamamızı denediniz mi? Detaylı bilgi için tıklayınız.

​​You will earn points by Odeabank Kazandırıy'O with your actions in mobile banking. You can win prizes participating in the contest every month. You can also catch the surprises using the application.*

Prizes of The Month
Advantages & Discounts
Transactions & Points
Previous Winners
Prizes of The Month

First 10 users who get highest point in November will earn 200TL gift coupons from Defacto! Next 90 users get 100TL!*

Odeabank Kazandırıyo

200 TL gift coupons from Defacto!**

Odeabank Kazandırıyo

100 TL gift coupons from Defacto!**

** Highest points made by the first 10 users will get 200TL, the next 90 will earn 100TL gift coupons from Defacto! Coupons will be sent to users via SMS. Coupons terms & conditions are below.

Defacto Gift Coupon Terms & Conditions:

  • You can make purchases with your 200TL or 100TL gift coupons on
  • Gift Coupons will be available by 31.12.2017.
  • This coupons will not be used via other campaigns.
  • DeFacto has the rights to change the campaign conditions any time.
  • Shipping fee and "payment on door fee are excluded from the campaign.
  • This campaign is only be used in
  • Gift coupons are not refundable.
  • Gift coupons are not be used on "Bi’ Tıkla App" with free shipping campaign.
  • Product refund is not possible with transactions made via gift coupon.
Advantages & Discounts

Every user downloaded Odeabank mobile application can claim free coupons in Campaigns menu under Kazandırıy'O.


You can earn the badges below through Odeabank Kazandırıy’O!

  • Bill Monster

    5th new bill payment

  • Curious

    App download

  • Cash King

    3rd cash Advance transaction

  • Innovative

    First login

  • Loyal Techie

    10th login in a month

  • Lannister

    3rd credit card or loan payment

  • Social

    10th social media share

  • Transfer Expert

    10th money transfer transaction

  • Queued Up

    5th mobile q-matic usage

  • Generous

    5th payment to other Odeabank Card

  • New Badges

    Our new badges will be available soon!

Transactions & Points

Odeabank Kazandırıy’O ile aşağıdaki işlemleri yaparak puan kazanabilirsiniz.

Transaction Points Requirement
IBAN Query 3 Once in a month
App Download 10 Once
Login 5 Once in a month
Cash Advance 5 Once in a month
Installment & Postpone 5 Every transaction
Money Transfers 5 Once in a month
Bill Payment & GSM TL Top-up 5 Once in a month
Credit Card Payment 5 Once in a month
Loan Payment 5 Once in a month
FX Transactions 5 Once in a month
Mutual Fund transactions 5 Once in a month
Social Media Share 1 Once in a month
Q-Matic Usage 3 Once in a month
Cheque Control 5 Once in a month
Odeabank Pass’O Activation 10 Once
View Campaigns 5 Once in a month
Previous Winners

*Terms & Conditions: Odeabank A.Ş. has the right to fully or partially lifting to modify any information about badges & point earning methodology at any time. The customers who logged in to mobile banking first have the priviledge among the users who have the same points. Only retail banking customers older than 18 years old. Address confirmation will be made via phone for shipped products. Users have the rights to say not to join the contest. Single user can only be awarded once in same year. Earning more than one product/gift is not possible in same contest/campaign. One user can only win one code/gift/cheque. Odeabank employees cannot join the contests. This contest involves only Odeabank A.Ş. , does not involves or includes any other 3rd party firms or products like Apple AppStore, Windows Marketplace, or Google Play Store.