The International Young Talents Music Competition, organized in 25 countries for the past 47 years with the participation of Turkey for the first time in 2015, will be once again realized this year with the support of Odeabank. In the 3rd International Young Talents Music Competition, whose scope has been extended to include new categories, the applicants will be evaluated according to their age groups in the piano, other instruments/vocal and music student categories. Candidates can apply by uploading their performance video to the web site until May 17.

Odeabank, aiming to contribute to social and cultural life as well as the economy, encourages young people with talent in music to once again apply for The International Young Talents Music Competition. The Competition, opening its doors to all types of musical talents in its third year, recognizes students of music education according to their age groups in other instruments/vocal category as well as the piano category this year. The most meaningful category of the competition is the 'Special Category' where children who require special education have a chance to display their performing talents.

The applications to the competition that aims to unite amateur students and young talents that receive professional music education locally and internationally, supporting them and cementing friendships among different cultures, will continue until May 17. The candidates who wish to enter the competition can apply by uploading their performance videos to the web site.

Young Talents will be evaluated in 2 phases comprising a public voting phase and a jury evaluation. The candidate who receives the highest score will win the Grand Prix, while all finalists will receive an achievement award.

The finalists among the amateur music students in the age 13 category and Special Category participants will be chosen with public voting in piano and all instruments/vocal divisions.

In the 14-18 age category the finalists will be determined by a jury in the divisions mentioned above.

The successful candidates that make the finals in the 13 and 14-18 age categories will be evaluated by the Jury of the 3rd International Young Talents Music Competition Finale on May 27-28, 2017 at the Istanbul Naval Museum. The competitors of the Special Category who make the finals will not be competing again at the finale.

With the International Young Talents Competition, Odeabank has been encouraging and supporting young people with musical talent for the past 2 years. ​​​​​