O’Art, a new art center in İstanbul hosts the 'İç Dökmek' (Pouring Your Heart Out) exhibition where Cem Sağbil's sketches drawn on paper bags during his plane trips and the sculptures made from these sketches are exhibited.

O'Art, after hosting the group inter-disciplinary exhibition “Art Alem” last month, where the works of 22 young artists were exhibited, is now showing Cem Sağbil's sketches that the artist drew on paper bags during his plane trips and the sculptures he made from these sketches in the exhibition “İç Dökmek” (Pouring Your Heart Out).

The exhibition reflects 15 years of the artist's works showing the starting point of the artistic story as well as the finals sculptural works.

In the exhibition 400 sketches depicting the contemplations in the artist's mind, waiting to be transformed into sculptures, takes the viewer on a journey inside the artist's mind.

Given this title by the author, photographer and translator Münir Göle, the “İç Dökmek” exhibition can be viewed at O'Art on the second floor of the Odeabank Etiler Branch until November 15.

About Cem Sağbil:

Born in 1958 in Zonguldak, Sağbil studied Interior Decoration and Industrial Design at İstanbul State Academy of Fine Arts. He later studied Ceramics and Sculpture in Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts, completing his studies under the supervision of Prof. G.Spaulo. He began working on materials like porcelain tiles, oil paintings, wood, ceramics, metal and especially on bronze sculptures, setting up a bronze casting studio in İzmir named 'Bronzhane'. Cem Sağbil received the “Artist of the Year” from the established Ankara institution “Sanat Sevenler” club established in 1948. Sağbil has participated in various individual and group exhibitions since 1987 and his sculptures are now in public spaces in cities like Ankara, İstanbul, Çanakkale, İzmir, Stuttgart, Böblingen and Paris.​​