Odeabank, The Bank of Basketball, has become the champion of the Corporate Basketball League in Turkey in 2017 by beating its opponent TAI in the finals. Kenan Tütüncü a player in the Odeabank team has been chosen as the “Most Valuable Player” of the championship competition.

The Corporate Basketball League, organized to bring together corporate employees who have a love of basketball in a single tournament competition, was organized for the second time this year in the town of Çeşme. 8 teams competed in the finals of the league that hosted nearly 100 corporate teams from around Turkey. The Bank of Basketball, Odeabank was the winner of the championship finals organized between 26-28 May, 2017. Odeabank became the Champion of Turkey by beating its opponent TAI with a score of 46-67 in the final game.

In the final game that determined the champion, Odeabank finished the first period ahead with a score of 10-17, the score reflected the team's superiority in rebounds and they finished the first half going to the locker room with an advantageous score of 25-32. Odeabank began the third period by increasing their lead to 11 points, raising it even more and beginning the last period ahead with a score of 31-49. The Odeabank team maintained its dominance in the final minutes of the game and scored points in the painted area, winning the game with a score of 46-67.

In the championship finals organized with the support of Turkish Basketball Federation, Kenan Tütüncü, playing in the Odeabank team, has been selected as the Assist King and Most Valuable Player.​