Unknown aspects and drawings of Semiha Berksoy, a versatile artist, are now in both a book and an exhibition brought to life with the cooperation of Odeabank and Galerist. “With Love, Semiha Berksoy” exhibition opened at O'Art in line with the launch of the book “Semiha Berksoy: Catalogue Raisonné”, can be viewed until March 18. Moreover, unknown aspects of the artist will be recounted by her Zeliha Berksoy and experts in their fields such as Bedri Baykam and İlber Ortaylı, over the course of the exhibition.

“With Love, Semiha Berksoy” exhibition featuring previously unexhibited drawings of Semiha Berksoy, opened with an exclusive reception on January 19 at O'Art in line with the launch of the book “Semiha Berksoy: Catalogue Raisonné” containing all the known works of the artist, published by Galerist Publishing with the support of Odeabank.

The opening reception of the exhibition organized with the joint efforts of Odeabank and Galerist, gathered well-known figures of the society and the art world.

“With Love, Semiha Berksoy” exhibition bringing together the paintings and drawings of the artist that focuses on love in many different ways, shares the passionate expression of love as the source of Semiha Berksoy's life and art through her paintings fed by sound, aria, word and mise-en-scene.

Over the course of the exhibition, curated by Derya Yücel who is also the editor of the book, the life and art of Semiha Berksoy will be discussed in public talks. The first conference will be organized on Saturday February 11, 2017 with the attendance of İlber Ortaylı, Zeliha Berksoy, Bedri Baykam and Melih Güneş and the second will take place on Saturday March 4, 2017 with the attendance of Derya Yücel, Evrim Altuğ and Esra Aliçavuşoğlu.

“With Love, Semiha Berksoy” exhibition, can be visited at O'Art until March 18.​