Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects requiring high financing capacities like harbors, airports, public hospitals, highways and bridges are analyzed. Such projects are provided with suitable financing structures and thus, granted long-term project loans.

Energy Projects

Energy projects like thermal plants, electricity distribution projects and renewable energy investments are examined. A best-fit financing structure is created as per the project's risks and features and the loan documentation is prepared in line with the structure. Loans are then extended accordingly.

Commercial Real Estate Projects

Commercial income generating real estate projects like shopping centers and combined housing projects are evaluated and provided with long-term financing solutions.

Acquisition Finance

Privatization Finance

Long-term financing is provided for privatization transactions, mainly privatizations made by means of share sales, asset sale and concessions.


The acquisitions made by strategic investors or private equity firms are financed. Both privatization transactions and private sector acquisitions are evaluated within this scope.


For Project and Acquisition Finance massive loans granted by a group of banks, clubs of lenders are formed, loans are structured and arranged, and necessary coordination is provided for joint utilizations. In addition, the transfer of such loans to other interested banks in primary and secondary markets is performed.

Other Structured Financial Options

This includes debt structuring, bond issuances, restructuring, refinancing and financing other projects like treasury guaranteed transactions, and other private investors' projects including the ones carried out with a build-operate-transfer or transfer of operating right models.​​​​​​​​