Odeabank has realized its first bond export in Turkish Liras in accordance with the approval of its bond/securities export application by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey on May 15, 2014. Odeabank, the youngest and most innovative player in the Turkish banking sector, has realized its first bond export in Turkish Liras on May 26, 2014, in line with its bond/securities export application. The discount bond with a maturity date of 179 days, nominal value of 150,000,000 and a compound interest rate of 10.26% is exported to be sold to qualified investors without an initial public offering. As a result of the demand from 16 different corporate investors as well as qualified individual investors, the export has closed at 150 mllion TL.

Odeabank, beginning its operations on October 2, 2012, after obtaining the first commercial banking licence given in the Turkish Banking Sector in 15 years, reached an net asset size of 18.9 billion TL in just 18 months (according to the first quarter results of 2014) becoming an important player in the banking sector. In line with the strong funding support of its main shareholder, the Lebanese bank Bank Audi and a solid growth strategy, Odeabank provides a distinctive banking experience to its corporate, commercial, small business and retail customers with 44 branches and 1,266 employees across Turkey.​