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Our Privacy Policy

General Information

Odea Bank A.S. adopts the below-given main guidelines in order to protect the confidentiality of any and all information, you have provided on this corporate website of Odeabank at odeabank.com.tr and Odeabank Online Branch and Odeabank Mobile Branch (shall hereinafter be referred as the "Digital Platforms") as required for the banking transactions, in line with its customer satisfaction- and safety-oriented service philosophy.

  • Only application for products/services and data input to update information can be performed through the Digital Platforms.
  • Odea Bank A.S. requests some personal information (name, surname, Republic of Turkey ID Number, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) through the Digital Platforms in order to offer services of higher quality to its clients, and to reach all potential clients intending to be informed about its products/services.
  • The system and Internet infrastructure of our bank is kept at the most reliable level, and all necessary measures have been taken to ensure confidentiality of any information entered through the Digital Platforms. Accordingly; Odea Bank A.S. may not be held liable for any loss or damage, suffered by any third person on the Digital Platforms due to any wrongful act by the third parties, to the extent that it is not at fault.
  • Any information, entered by our clients on the Digital Platforms in order to apply for a product/service and to update their information, cannot be viewed by the other Internet users.
  • Unauthorized access to any information, provided to us by our clients, is restricted even for the employees of Odea Bank A.S. .
  • Odea Bank A.S. shall not disclose any such information to any third person, institution or organization without obtaining the consent of clients or unless any statutory obligation is imposed therefor.
  • Odea Bank A.S. may disclose such information in line with the authorizations as necessary, and in accordance with the statutory regulations, only. In the event that Odea Bank A.S. is required to disclose any information of its clients by the regulators and/or legislative and executive organs and authorities it is bound by, Odea Bank A.S. shall disclose such information in line with the authorities as necessary, only.
  • Digital Platforms provide links to other websites. Our warranties hereunder are valid and applicable on the Digital Platforms only, and do not cover any other websites. With respect to use of any other website visited via any link on the Digital Platforms, the respective non-disclosure assurance and terms of use, drawn up for such other websites, shall be valid and applicable. Odea Bank A.S. shall not be liable for use of information, ethical principles, non-disclosure principles, nature and service quality of any other websites, which are posted on the Digital Platforms for advertisement, banner, contents purposes or for any other purposes, as well as for any pecuniary/non-pecuniary damages and losses that might arise on such websites.
  • In case of outsourcing of support services from different organizations, Odea Bank shall ensure that the non-disclosure standards and terms are observed by such organizations.
  • All copyrights on any and all information and material, available on the Digital Platforms, as well as issue thereof shall be held by Odea Bank A.S. . All copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other property rights on any and all information and materials other than the materials owned by any third person on Digital Platforms shall be reserved by our bank.
  • The system and Internet infrastructure of our bank is kept at the most reliable level, and all necessary measures have been taken to protect confidentiality of any personal information of our clients. For further information, please contact our bank or visit security
  • If you want to leave the mailing list of Odea Bank A.S., you can call the Information Line at 444 8 444 to submit your request or click the box, which reads as "If you don't want to receive e-mails about our advantageous campaigns and products, click here", and submit your request automatically to the system.

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