Accessible Banking​

We strive to ensure that our disadvantaged customers have a seamless banking experience.

General Information


Odeabank aims to increase the accessibility of banking services for disabled customers by expanding the options for transactions offered at branches and ATMs.

Our bank has determined its goals based on the criteria outlined in Law No. 5378 on Disabled Persons and the Regulation on Accessibility of Banking Services, which entered into force on January 1, 2017. In line with these, we have completed our efforts and introduced the following services.

Initiatives at our branches:

  • Disabled ramps have been constructed in front of branches with the least possible slope considered. In cases where ramps cannot be built due to environmental conditions, portable disabled ramps designed to facilitate overcoming any elevation differences for wheelchair users are utilized.
  • Branches equipped with fixed ramps have railings of appropriate dimensions in compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Braille signage and branch information boards have been installed at all branch entrances.
  • Tactile surfaces have been installed starting from the sidewalk at all branch entrances, providing necessary directional guidance and warnings about potential hazards.
  • To enhance visibility and prevent collisions with the door, double-row stripe films have been applied to branch entrance doors.
  • An 'Assistance Call Button for Disabled Individuals' has been installed at the entrance of all branches.
  • At all branches, the nearest marketing desk to the entrance has been designated as a special service counter where disabled customers can conduct all their transactions. To facilitate access to this counter, tactile surfaces have been applied on the floor. Additionally, an induction loop system has been installed at this desk to facilitate communication between staff and hearing-impaired customers by eliminating environmental factors such as noise and echo that may interfere with speech comprehension.
  • Directional tactile surfaces have been applied to guide disabled customers to all areas they need to access.

Our bank has organized training sessions to inform and raise awareness among all employees about disability issues, and has provided sign language training to selected employees to facilitate communication with hearing-impaired customers.

Online payments made with credit cards are transferred to the banking system and notified to customers upon their request. For transactions conducted at ATMs that have financial implications on the customer's account, notifications are automatically sent to the customer's mobile phone via SMS, which can be read by visually impaired customers using screen reader programs on their mobile phones. As part of our efforts, all ATMs will be made accessible to visually impaired customers. Visually impaired customers can perform basic transactions such as balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, deposit, credit card debt inquiry, and credit card debt payment through the voice menu function available at these ATMs.

Our bank also offers video call services through its website and mobile application, where hearing-impaired customers can seek assistance and perform various banking transactions.

For customers with disabilities whose status is registered with our bank, as well as for customers aged 70 and above, the infrastructure has been provided to use all ATMs within the country to inquire about their account balance, withdraw money, deposit money, inquire about credit card debt, and pay credit card debt without any additional charges or fees.

The ATM where orthopedically impaired customers can receive services is located at the Ankara GOP Branch. You can access the address of this ATM from here.