Odeabank ATMs are at your service 24/7 for all your transactions!

General Information


With your Odeabank bank card, you can easily perform all your transactions at ATMs 24/7, without waiting in queues, allowing you more time for your daily tasks and yourself.

Moreover, using your Odeabank credit card, you can conduct cash advances and installment transactions alongside the transactions you make with your bank card.

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  • At Odeabank ATMs, all of which have touch screens, you can experience the same services as mobile banking and internet banking. You can switch to the classic menu structure whenever you wish.
  • The menu layout of Odeabank ATMs is aligned with the Internet Branch, Odea Application, and the 444 8 444 Call Center to ensure consistent usage. You can access services in the same order across all channels.
  • At our ATMs marked with USD or EUR icons, you can withdraw money in the respective currency.
  • When withdrawing money from Odeabank ATMs, you can choose the banknotes you prefer.
  • You can perform transactions like bill payments, cardless cash deposits, account opening, loan, and credit card application via the "Cardless Transactions" menu without your card.
  • While easily conducting your banking transactions at Odeabank ATMs, you also stay informed about the current news and ongoing promotions.
  • Instant cash advances can be withdrawn with your credit card.
  • With the detailed home screen, you can view your accounts, cards, and pending payments at once.
  • Use the Currency Converter to calculate exchange rates.
  • Create your Internet Branch user information.
  • Receive transaction information slips and receipts via SMS or email after each transaction.

Transaction limits and operating hours at Odeabank ATMs are as follows:

Transaction Transaction Time Transaction Limit
Withdrawal from Account 24 Hours 10.000 TL (The limit for a single withdrawal transaction is 8.000 TL.)
Deposit to Account 24 Hours 100.000 TL
Deposit to Account without Card 24 Hours 19.999 TL
Transfer 24 Hours 10.000 TL
EFT 09:00 – 17:00 100.000 TL
Credit Card Payment without Card 24 Hours 12.000 TL
Currency Buy/Sell Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00 1.500.000 TL
Out of office hours (including weekends and public holidays) 150.000 TL
Bond/Bill Buy/Sell 09:30 - 14:30 10.000 TL