Investment Funds​

You can easily and quickly execute your investment fund buying/selling transactions with Odeabank. You can invest in funds traded on the Takasbank Electronic Fund Trading Platform (TEFAS) and funds of Portfolio Management Companies (outside TEFAS) we collaborate with, all in one place.

General Information

What is Investment Fund?

Investment Funds are capital market instruments managed by professional portfolio managers, allowing you to invest your savings in various investment instruments such as stocks, commodities, precious metals, securities, deposits, enabling their valuation.

The Types of Investment Funds

Investment funds can be established as Debt Securities Funds, Equity Funds, Precious Metals Funds, Basket Funds, Money Market Funds, Participation Funds, Variable Funds, Free Funds, Guaranteed Funds, and Protection-Oriented Funds.

The Features and Advantages of Investment Funds

  • Your savings are managed by fund managers who specialize in the field.
  • Investment Funds allow you to diversify your portfolio by utilizing different investment instruments.
  • Changes in the fund's value can be tracked on a daily basis.
  • They have high liquidity.

How Can I Buy Investment Fund?

If you are an Odeabank customer, you can easily purchase investment funds through Odeabank Internet Banking or the Odea Application.

If you are not an Odeabank customer, click here to become one now. You can obtain detailed information from Odeabank branches or the Contact Center.

Principles of Buying and Selling

The buying and selling hours and valuations of investment funds vary according to the fund type and its internal regulations.

For information about funds traded on TEFAS, you can visit and access notifications made on KAP (Public Disclosure Platform) for all buying and selling principles of investment funds.


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