Make your treasury bill and government bond investments through Odeabank.

Odeabank Bond/Bills Securities Transaction Advantages and Transaction Channels

Bonds/Bills Securities are debt instruments issued by the Republic of Turkey (T.R.) Treasury in TL or foreign currency, allowing you to invest in the medium and long term. Treasury Bills are short-term, maturing in less than a year, while Government Bonds are long-term debt securities indexed to foreign currency or foreign exchange with a maturity of one year or longer.

The Advantages of Treasury Bills/Government Bonds

You can achieve a previously determined high return with Treasury Bills and Government Bonds. These investment instruments offer fixed returns and government-backed security, allowing you to convert them into cash* at any time without waiting for maturity, thereby taking advantage of alternative investment opportunities that may arise in the market.

How to Buy Treasury Bills/Government Bonds?

You can obtain detailed information about Treasury Bills/Government Bonds from Odeabank branches.

*The market conditions at the time of conversion to cash will apply. While higher returns than expected can be achieved in a market where interest rates have fallen, the opposite situation may also occur.