Human Resources​

Learn about Odeabank's values, employee approach, traits of Odealists, and active job postings.


Odeabank's work culture is based on open and respectful communication to create a lasting and safe working environment for employees.

At Odeabank, every team member contributes with their creative and constructive intelligence to create a valuable work environment. All employees are encouraged to work joyfully within the ethical framework and strengthen team spirit. The bank also provides opportunities to embrace diversity and experience the benefits of its international cultural structure.

Our goal is to cultivate a dynamic business environment that values experience, innovation, and social responsibility to lead Odeabank to success.


  • Simplifying the lives of our stakeholders by understanding their needs
  • Standing out by creating a unique personal impact.
  • Thinking creatively and providing quick and practical solutions.


  • Embracing curiosity, exploration, and lifelong learning.
  • Designing and finalizing together.
  • Making bold decisions to improve ourselves and those around us.


  • Respecting individuals, celebrating diversity and polyphony.
  • Supporting gender equality and volunteering for a fairer world.


  • Prioritizing accountability for honest and trustworthy relationships.
  • Openly sharing our thoughts and experiences.
  • Staying simple and accessible for everyone.

Job Posting

In today's competitive market, maintaining continuity in professional development is crucial. Odeabank understands this and offers its employees numerous career development opportunities, including internal recruitment, promotions, and international assignments. These opportunities allow employees to explore career paths aligning with the company's strategy and business objectives.



Being an Odealist

Odeabank focuses on career management to support the development of employees' skills and competencies. Personalized attention helps employees fulfill their potential and enhance their career opportunities.

With an effective talent management strategy, Odeabank supports its employees in creating a successful career path, while also preparing individuals who can take an active role in the bank's future success.

Human Resources Policy

Our bank's basic principle is that our most important value is human resources.

Odeabank has determined to create the most effective HR team in the banking sector to put this principle into practice.

The HR Department is responsible for creating teams that align with the bank's goals. HR plays a significant role in employee selection, recruitment, motivation, retention, and development.

HR aims to recruit, retain, and develop the best employees through an effective training system, high performance culture, open communication, and recognition of successful performance.

Recruitment Process

All selection and recruitment processes at Odeabank aim to recruit candidates with the education, experience, and competence that will best fit the desired positions.

Openings are announced on career sites (Linkedin, Kariyer.Net, etc.). Applications are evaluated meticulously, and candidates who meet the requirements are contacted directly.

Protection and Processing of Personal Data Disclaimer

Performance Management

The performance management approach of Odeabank is designed to provide continuous feedback and coaching support to employees, thereby encouraging their development and achieving consistently higher performance through a collaborative management style. While performance monitoring and coaching are carried out regularly, goal setting and evaluation are performed annually.

The primary goal of performance evaluations is to enhance the overall performance of the institution by motivating the employees to improve, providing them with the necessary support to enhance their skills (training, on-the-job experience, etc.), fostering communication between managers and employees, and developing a culture of objectivity.


Remuneration and Benefits Policy

Odeabank has developed a Remuneration and Benefits Policy that follows a fair and transparent approach to rewarding its employees. The policy is based on industry practices and is designed to encourage high performance and recognize success. It is reviewed at regular intervals to ensure it meets the needs of the bank and is revised if necessary, taking into account market dynamics and internal fairness.

Training Opportunities

Odeabank firmly believes that its most important resource is its people. For that reason, the bank provides training programs that aim to create the best team possible and facilitate continuous development. New employees are offered an orientation program designed to introduce them to the bank's culture, express common values, and help them adapt to Odeabank in the most efficient way possible.

The bank's training programs are customized to meet the needs of different roles and teams, and to support the development of employees working in their respective fields, with a specific focus on business lines and units. Current practices are integrated into the training to ensure that it is up-to-date and relevant. Employees are invited to various training activities that focus on skill training, such as behavior and communication, as well as technical skills that are directly related to their job responsibilities. The training is designed to support their higher performance in their roles.