There’s a World

There’s nothing like a better future.
So, what’s in that better future?
There’s a living nature, long-lasting natural
resources, gender equality, accessibility, economical
living, sustainable solutions, in other words, there’s
a sigh of relief.
Our motto is “There is a World” to signify the eternal
existence of our world
and we started investing in our future!

Sustainability Policy

Odeabank (Bank), being fully aware of the extraordinary impact that the financial world can provide in the formation of a more sustainable world for future generations, deals with sustainable development as a priority in its activities. Within this scope, the Bank aims to contribute to the development and sustainable growth of our country in all its banking transactions and operations, and to encourage the dissemination of such activities.

With this Policy, the Bank defines and determines the general principles and fundamental management and control objectives and principles that it will follow within the scope of its support for sustainable development.​

Odeabank has defined and adopted the Odeabank Prohibited Activities List, taking reference from the IFC Prohibited Activities List.

Sustainability Approach

Odeabank carries out its activities with the awareness of its contribution to the sustainability of the financial sector. In this context, it contributes to the sustainable growth of our country by steering its activities under the guidance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and good practices. The principles and control objectives of the support provided by Odeabank to sustainable development are defined in the Odeabank Sustainability Policy published in 2022.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Approach and Activities

Demonstrating its care for future generations and education through its activities, partnerships, donations, and sponsorships, Odeabank engages in collaborations, sponsorships, and donations to create value for all segments of society, especially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, and to preserve nature.

Fair Tales

Research has shown that concepts of equality and gender biases are learned from a young age. Children are exposed to gender norms at home, in school, and in their communities, which can have lifelong consequences. Odeabank launched the Eşit Masallar project in 2020 to promote gender equality in society. The bank's goal is to revisit famous fairy tales in an egalitarian manner, with the aim of raising awareness about gender equality. Odeabank believes in a future where everyone is equal, and wants to instill this belief in children today to help create a more egalitarian society.

Odeabank has successfully delivered "Fair Tales" books to more than 1 million children in a total of over 1200 schools.

310,000 books were given away for free, and our digital books were viewed over 200,000 times on our website.

The theater play "Fair Tales", has reached more than 31.000 children through 38 performances up to the present.

As part of the Eşit Masallar project, the most popular fairy tales were reinterpreted for parents and children who understand the importance of learning about gender equality at a young age. Psychologist Prof. Dr. Ayşe Bilge Selçuk served as a content consultant in the first phase of the project, which was carried out in collaboration with Can Yayınları. During this phase, the fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Cinderella were rewritten. In the second phase of the project, the fairy tales of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the Frog Prince were reinterpreted, with the goal of promoting an egalitarian approach to social roles among children.


Other Projects

Supporting the library project of the Süreyya Ağaoğlu Children's Friends Association, which contributes to the education of children, Odeabank, within the framework of the Equal Tales project, made a total donation of 1,000 books, contributing to the establishment of libraries in 25 village schools. Additionally, through projects with the LamON9 Social Solidarity Association, Odeabank has brought together approximately 1,000 students with books in 10 different village schools. Moreover, in the "What Happened Then?" project of the LamON9 Social Solidarity Association, in which Odeabank participated, children were encouraged to imagine different endings for the Equal Tales characters, challenging conventional gender roles.

Especially noteworthy are the efforts in gender role criticism and library support conducted in village schools, valuable for supporting the education of girls and disadvantaged children from Odeabank's perspective.

In collaboration with the Boğaziçi University Visually Impaired Technology and Education Laboratory (GETEM), Equal Tales books were added to the GETEM internet library by including audio descriptions, aiming to reach more children through the project. Additionally, through the collaboration with the Her Şey (Everything) Platform, the Equal Tales project videos were made accessible to children with visual and hearing differences by adding audio descriptions, sign language translation, and subtitles. This effort once again highlighted Odeabank's commitment not only to gender equality but also to equal opportunities and accessibility.

As part of the collaboration with the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) initiative called "Valuing Equality," more than 350 Odeabank employees participated in Social Gender Equality Seminars. This collaboration with AÇEV and the provided seminars enabled Odeabank to set goals for gender equality in the future.

Odeabank is a signatory of the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP), a global private sector initiative by the United Nations to promote women's equal participation in economic life and fair working conditions. Developed in collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact and UN Women, the WEP guides the private sector and the entire society towards achieving gender equality. The commitments outlined in the Women's Empowerment Principles have been accepted by Odeabank, becoming one of the bank's fundamental principles, with the signature of the bank's CEO.

Through sponsorship activities, Odeabank also realizes its societal investments. The bank sponsors Şahika Ercümen, the national free diving world record holder, through the Oxygen Account, making it a mission to support female athletes. With Oksijen Hesap (Oxygen Account) as the main sponsor, Şahika Ercümen dived to a depth of 100 meters without fins and tanks, breaking the previous world record of 95 meters and making headlines in the Turkish and world media. This collaboration with Şahika Ercümen demonstrates Odeabank's support for women in all areas of society, while also raising awareness of gender equality and environmental conservation.

Energy Management and Efficiency Practices

In 2016, Odeabank implemented the Energy Management Platform, allowing real-time monitoring of energy consumption in all Odeabank branches using blockchain technology for compensation generators and UPS equipment. With the platform:

  • *Branches' energy consumption was monitored.
  • Controlled use of air conditioners and adjustment of set values were implemented.
  • Different scenario analyses during power outages ensured branches remained operational.
  • From implementation until 2023, 9,700,569 kWh of energy savings were achieved.
  • From implementation until 2023, 5,058 tons of CO2 emissions were avoided.

In addition to the Energy Management Platform, Odeabank conducts various efficiency initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, actively continuing its efforts.

Environmental and Social Risk Management from Lending Activities

Odeabank monitors the environmental and social impacts and risks of the loans it allocates during the credit allocation process. The bank, operating in the banking sector, focuses on the environmental and social sustainability contribution of the lending process within the scope of sustainable development.

To reduce indirect risks arising from lending activities, a list of prohibited activities was published in conjunction with the Environmental and Social Policy starting from 2013. In 2016, significant changes occurred in the assessment system of environmental and social risks, and all corporate/commercial and SME loans were evaluated without a credit amount limit.

Odeabank's Environmental and Social Risk Assessment Procedure outlines the framework for evaluating the social and environmental risks of loans allocated to corporate/commercial customers and SMEs. The procedure is based on Odeabank's Environmental and Social Policy, which draws on practices of international institutions such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The 'Environmental and Social Risk Team' within the bank examines customers' environmental and social risk assessments under the framework of Odeabank's Environmental and Social Management System. The environmental and social risk assessment process, initiated at Odeabank branches, progresses with the coordinated work of the Environmental and Social Risk Assessment Team, Branch Marketing, Corporate and Commercial Loan Allocation, and Credit Coordination units. The 'Environmental and Social Management System Risk Assessment Form' is filled out based on the documents provided by credit customers. Necessary actions are determined using the decision matrix method, and the environmental and social risk category of the sector is identified according to international standards.

In addition to environmental and social risks, Odeabank evaluates the 'List of Prohibited Activities,' and any activity listed therein is not financed.

Odeabank and Art: O’art

O'art, the artistic platform of Odeabank, was founded in 2015 with the vision that art should be both accessible and prominent for all. Since its inception, O'art has served as a distinguished host to representatives of contemporary art, fostering the development of new artistic creations and making significant contributions to the visibility of both artists and the art world. Through exhibitions, workshops, and discussions, O'art strengthens its ties with diverse segments of society.

Theme Sponsorship by Odeabank at the Istanbul Theater Festival: "A Woman in This Business"

As part of the Istanbul Theater Festival program, a selection of plays with themes centered around women and/or written, directed, or performed by women has been presented to audiences since 2021 under the theme "There is a Woman Behind This" sponsored by Odeabank.

As part of the Istanbul Theater Festival program, a selection of plays with themes centered around women and/or written, directed, or performed by women has been presented to audiences since 2021 under the theme "There is a Woman Behind This" sponsored by Odeabank.

Odeabank aims to contribute to women's creative endeavors and raise awareness about gender equality through its sponsorship of the "There is a Woman Behind This" project at the Istanbul Theater Festival. Debuting in 2021 at the 25th edition of the Istanbul Theater Festival organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), Odeabank presented the play "Eşit Masallar" (Fair Tales) to the audience. In 2021, during the 26th edition of the festival, Odeabank supported the plays "Bir Tatlı Kaşığı Çamur" (A Spoonful of Mud), "Duvar" (The Wall), and "Kapalı" (Closed). In 2023, during the 27th edition of the Istanbul Theater Festival, Odeabank, under the theme sponsorship of "A Woman in This Business," brought the plays "Flu Lysistrata," "Sen Hamlet Değilsin" (You're Not Hamlet), and "Kız Kardeşler" (Sisters) to the audience.