Be prepared for life's unexpected surprises with the Overdraft!

You can use your Overdraft limit anytime to meet your urgent cash needs, even if there is not enough balance in your account.

It easily covers your short-term cash needs, and you only pay interest for the number of days you use it.


General Information


Urgent cash needs

Open an Overdraft, and have a cash limit ready for all your needs anytime, anywhere. You can access your account and use your Overdraft limit comfortably from any ATM in Turkey with Bank'O Bank Card.

Bills to be tracked

No need to worry about payment due dates anymore. Link your bill payments to your Overdraft account and free yourself from the hassle of constantly tracking your bills.

Payments that should not be delayed

To avoid delaying your rent payment or facing cash shortages in regular money transfers to your loved ones, you can use your Overdraft limit.

How much interest will I pay?

Interest accrues for the number of days you use your Overdraft limit. If you use and close your limit on the same day, interest is applied for one day.

(*) The calculation is made with a monthly interest rate of 5.00%. It includes 15% WHT (Withholding Tax) and 15% SCT (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax). Since funds entering the Overdraft are valued for one day, the calculation is made over 2 days.

How does Overdraft work?

When money is deposited into your account, your outstanding balance automatically decreases. You can easily use your Overdraft limit without the need to visit a branch.

The interest on the credit you used during the month is automatically deducted from your account on the first business day of the next month. You can pay this interest amount until the last business day of the month.

Funds entering your Overdraft are valued for one day.

How to apply for Overdraft?

To apply for Overdraft, you just need to visit our branch with the required documents.

  • Identification Document (ID card with TC ID number, Driver's License, or Passport)
  • For the applicant, one utility bill for the last 3 months (gas, electricity, telephone, or water)
  • Income Document


  • Tax certificate for the last year, balance sheet, and income statement/business account summary
  • Chamber of Commerce Gazette/Chamber Registration Document

Company Partners:

  • Tax certificate for the last year, approved balance sheet and income statements/business account summary,
  • Chamber of Commerce Gazette/Chamber Registration Document

Salaried Employees:

  • Payroll or salary letter and company signature circulars


  • Pension book or a letter containing information about the bank account where the retirement pension is deposited

Those Declaring Real Estate Income:

  • Title deed proving income and relevant lease agreement

Those Earning Capital Income:

  • Account statement showing interest income.

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