Commercial Loan​

Choose the commercial loans offered by Odeabank that best suit the needs of your company and secure the financing you require.


Revolving Loans

A type of credit that operates as a current account, allowing you to withdraw money at any time and in any amount within the specified term and limit to meet short-term cash needs. The option to partially or fully close the credit at any time helps reduce the interest burden. For revolving credits with a term and interest rate not fixed at the time of use, interest accrual is done quarterly.

Spot Loans

A type of credit where you can use the entire principal and interest of a loan for a specified financing need at once, and the loan is closed on the maturity date. The spot loan amount, applicable interest rate, and term remain unchanged throughout the loan period. You can protect yourself from market fluctuations with a fixed interest rate.

Overdraft Account

With an Overdraft Account, you can continue to use your account within predetermined limits even if your account balance is zero. You can perform all banking transactions (bill payments, transfers, etc.) and meet your cash needs using this credit. You can view all information regarding your account transactions and interest on the debt in the statement sent to you at the end of each month.

Discounted Loan

A type of credit that allows you to convert commercial instruments such as checks and promissory notes, which have arisen from commercial transactions and have not yet matured, into cash by selling them to the bank through endorsement and delivery before the maturity date. The discount credit, provided after deducting interest, commission, withholding tax, and VAT from the amount of the check/note you are the creditor of, provides short-term financing and cash management for your company.

Working Capital Loan

Loans obtained in TL or foreign currency through banks. Working capital loan can be utilized as spot/revolving or installments loans with no maturity restriction and allows you to make repayments of the installment loans in equal monthly or flexible payments.

Foreign Currency Loan

A type of loan provided for the financing of foreign exchange-generating activities, such as exports or activities considered as exports, with the condition that the export commitment is fulfilled. Foreign currency loans that facilitate the financing of exports transactions can be utilized as a spot loan or revolving loan.

Installment Loan

A type of loan used for one-time needs, where repayments are made within the specified term, in equal monthly installments, or according to the flexible payment plan you create. Installment loans can be used for cash needs and for financing vehicle and business premises acquisitions.

Project Financing

Cash and non-cash loans provided in line with investment projections suitable for your investment needs, prepared by our units. Investment loans are created based on business plans, sector analyses, and cash flow projections prepared by the unit.

Export Loan

A type of loan used to finance the pre or post-shipment needs of companies engaged in export activities and activities considered as exports. You can benefit from tax, duty, and fee exemptions with export credit used for export purposes, depending on the export commitment.