Project Financing ​

Get information about the financial solutions your company needs for large-scale projects and consult with our experts to create the most suitable plan.

General Information

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects that require large amounts of financing, such as ports, airports, public hospitals, highways and bridges, are analyzed, the most appropriate financing structures are created for these projects, and long-term project loans are provided within this framework.

Energy Projects

Energy project analyses such as thermal power plants, electricity distribution projects, renewable energy investments are conducted, and after all necessary examinations, the most suitable financing structure for the project's specifications is established, and project financing is provided.

Commercial Real Estate Projects

Income-generating commercial real estate projects such as shopping malls and mixed-use residential projects are evaluated. Long-term project financing is provided for these projects.

Acquisition Financing

Privatization Financing

Long-term financing is provided for privatization processes in Turkey, including privatizations conducted through methods such as share sales and block sales, tailored to the structure of the privatized asset or service.

Company Acquisitions

Funding for company acquisitions made by strategic investors or private equity firms is facilitated. This includes evaluations of both privatization processes and private sector company acquisitions.



Banks interested in providing large-scale Project and Acquisition Financing loans are brought together. Coordination is ensured for the disbursement of long-term loans under common conditions by a consortium of banks. Transactions for the transfer of granted loans to interested banks in the primary and secondary markets are managed.

Other Structured Finance Options

Other Structured Finance Options

Debt restructurings, bond issuance structurings, refinancings, treasury-guaranteed transactions, and other projects undertaken by the private sector using models such as build-operate-transfer and concession rights transfer are financed.