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Explore the special loans and financial solutions we offer for the import and export transactions of your company operating in the trade sector.

Payment Methods

Cash Against Goods

It is a method of payment where the payment of the goods purchased by the importer is made after the goods are cleared from customs. It does not involve risk for the importer since the payment is made after the goods are delivered.

Cash Against Documents

It is a payment method where documents representing the imported goods are delivered to the importer through the importer's bank against payment of the documents face value. It does not involve risk for the exporter as goods can only be cleared after the payment.

Advance Payment

It is a payment method which involves payment of the imported goods in advance before their shipment.

Letter of Credit (LC)

It is a bank-guaranteed payment method where a specific amount is guaranteed to be paid to the exporter if the conditions specified about the received goods and services are fulfilled. The bank of the importer acts as an intermediary between the importer and the exporter. The bank effects the payment when the exporter fulfils LC conditions.

Confirmed Letter of Credit

A type of LC where confirming bank provides their payment undertaking in addition to the issuing bank. In case of a complying presentation by the exporter, confirming bank is also obliged to pay the beneficiary together with the issuing bank.

Trade Finance

Acceptance / Avalised Credits – Bill Discounting

It is a payment method involving issuance of a bill of exchange by the importer in favour of the exporter and guaranteed by a bank for a specified amount at the maturity. After obtaining an aval from the importer’s bank, bill of exchange can be discounted and exporter may receive the proceeds before maturity.

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) Rediscount Loans

This is a Credit program operated by CBRT destined to Exporters and firms with Foreign Exchange Earning Services. In cooperation with the CBRT, our bank allocates financing to our clients through CBRT sources which requires companies commitments on exports.

Turk Eximbank Loans

It is a type of loan provided by our bank against export commitments, on behalf of Turkish Eximbank, to support exporters and the manufacturers of export related goods during pre-export period via cheaper financing. The conditions of allocation of these short-term export credits used in TL or foreign currency are determined by Turk Eximbank.

Export LC Discount

It is the discounting of confirmed or unconfirmed export letters of credit. Thus, the exporter may receive funds before the maturity of the letter of credit. The risk is closed when the importer makes the payment.

Import LC Discount

An instrument that allows the importer to make deferred payments under an LC when the exporter requires payment of the export proceeds in advance. Importer firms are funded thanks to the discount of the export proceeds by the exporter bank against conform documents presented under deferred LC's issued by our bank under favourable conditions.

Export Credit Agency Loans

Export Credit Agencies are founded by their respective countries to increase exports and support the exporters. ECA Loans are allocated to our selected customers to finance their imports of investment goods in medium – long term at the back of ECA guarantees or insurances.

Letters of Guarantees TRY/FXP

Letters of Guarantees TRY/FX

It is a guarantee letter issued by the bank in favour of individuals or entities regarding the payment of a debt, delivery of goods, or completion of a task. It ensures that the amount specified on the letter will be covered by the issuing bank in case beneficiary commitment is not fulfilled. For letters of guarantees issued by our bank in TL or FX, pricing is set under conditions set by the legislation depending on the maturity and type of the letter itself.

External Guarantees

External Guarantees

It is a bank payment obligation issued by our bank in favour of individuals or institutions in abroad regarding payment of a debt, delivery of goods, or fulfilment of a commitment. In case the commitment mentioned in the LG is not fulfilled, the specified amount on the letter is paid by our bank.

Counter Guarantees

It is a type of letter of guarantees issued by our bank in favour of our customers by collateralizing a counter-guarantee of the correspondent bank issued by the order of the beneficiary in abroad.

Stand-by (Guarantee) Letters of Credit

It is a type of letter of credit that can be considered as a letter of guarantee, representative of applicant's payment ability and credibility. In stand-by letters of credit, payment is seldom made when required commitments are not fulfilled by the applicant in contrast to LC's where payment is made when a commitment is fullfiled.

Structured Trade Finance Solutions

Structured Trade Finance Solutions

We invite our customers to contact us or visit our branches for structured Trade Finance solutions designed by our experts for your specific requirements.