Asset Management​

Odeabank's Asset Management service provides the support you seek to efficiently convert your savings into investments.

General Information

What is Asset Management?

We define Asset Management as 'banking and investment services provided to increase the value of customers' financial assets.' Investments are evaluated considering our customers' risk and return expectations using alternative investment products such as fixed-income securities, stocks, derivatives, and investment funds.

While the term 'Asset Management' is often associated with 'private banking' and thought to exclusively cater to 'wealthy' clients, at Odeabank, the management of assets, regardless of their size, holds equal significance.

Team-Based Relationship Management:

Our asset management teams established in our branches consist of branch managers and customer representatives with extensive banking experience spanning many years and a high level of expertise. At the headquarters, our Treasury team, investment strategists, and investment and insurance product managers collaborate to meet our clients' asset management needs comprehensively.

Diverse Product Portfolio:

Alongside specialized deposit products and basic investment products, we offer our customers investment fund options suitable for all risk preferences. Additionally, by introducing various option and forward products along with newly developed derivative product types, we infuse dynamism into our product portfolio in line with evolving markets.

Customer Advisory and Portfolio Management:

We understand that the primary expectation of our clients from Asset Management is to receive research and advisory support regarding markets and investment products. Therefore, by collaborating with numerous portfolio management companies and brokerage firms, we demonstrate our differentiation in this field with an extensive team that directs our clients' investments.

Rewards and Privileges

We offer our clients various services beyond banking. You will have access to numerous privileges, from exclusive reception services at airports to extraordinary discounts on concert/cinema/sports tickets.


Customer-Engaged Asset Management

Most of our clients who have successfully preserved and grown their assets over the years might be more experienced and knowledgeable than their bankers and investment advisors. Our goal is to introduce a new approach to asset management in Turkey that encourages these experienced clients to share their knowledge and experiences both with us and other clients.



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