Ayrıcalıklı Banking

Ayrıcalıklı Banking

Banking with Features Exclusive for You

Meet a banking approach that offers advantages exclusive for you: Odeabank Ayrıcalıklı Bankacılık

Odeabank Ayrıcalıklı Bankacılık provides you with various advantages, exclusive for you, that will facilitate your life and whereby you will feel the difference between banking and ayrıcalıklı bankacılık while meeting your financial needs.

What is Ayrıcalıklı Bankacılık?


What is Ayrıcalıklı Bankacılık?

If you hold assets (TRY/FX Term-Demand Deposits, Investment Funds, TRY/FX Treasury Bills/Government Bonds/Eurobond or Stock Certificates), amounting between 100 thousand to 1 million TRY, with our Bank, you can become an Odeabank Ayrıcalıklı Bankacılık customer.

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The specialist relationship manager, exclusive for you, stands by you at all times

If you are a Ayrıcalıklı Bankacılık customer, then your specialist relationship manager, exclusive for you, will offer you exclusive solutions for all of your banking transactions thanks to the vast knowledge and experience s/he has.

A wide range of investment product alternatives

For the purpose of growing your savings, you can make a selection among the innovative investment product alternatives, which fits you the best, or benefit from our interest rates on deposits, exclusive for you.

Cost-free banking transactions

You can perform free of charge money transfer through the Retail Internet branch or Odeabank Mobile without any limitation for the number of such transactions, and you can withdraw cash for three times a month from all of the domestic bank ATMs without paying any cost.

We stand by you while you are safeguarding what you own

For the purpose of securing what you own while multiplying your investments, you can benefit from the tailor-made insurance products, and you can make use of the safe-deposit boxes at the Odeabank branches with a discount of 50%.

Ayrıcalıklı Card

By making use of the free of charge Ayrıcalıklı Kart, offered exclusively to the Ayrıcalıklı Bankacılık customers, you can receive cash refund* for each shopping you will have made, and benefit from the medical consultation service from your medical doctor by video call or enjoy the benefit of the discounts for flight tickets and distinguished restaurants during the year.

*You can receive cash refund at 1% and up to a maximum amount of TRY 100 within a period of 1 month through your shopping.