You can perform your banking transactions quickly & easily through Odeabank Internet Banking whenever you want, anywhere with internet access.

Odeabank Internet Banking can be used by our both Personal & Corporate customers via Windows, Linux or Mac operating system personal computers, phones or tablet devices.

As you can login with your username and password to Internet Banking; you can also login with your debit or credit card & start using after registration.

Internet Banking Features Internet Banking Features
Login with username Login
Login with card Register
Transaction limit & hours Transaction limit & hours
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
Internet Banking Features Internet Banking Features
  • Odeabank Internet Banking has the same menu & transaction flow with Odeabank ATMs, 444 8 444 Contact Center and Mobile Applications. This allows you to perform the same process in every channel.
  • Intuitively familiar navigation style
  • Two navigation options; Tree (classical) and Telephone Dialpad (modern)
  • Navigation through mouse, touchscreen or numpad
  • Comprehensive dashboard screen shows accounts, cards and payments at once
  • Personalized menu is available so you can add any transaction that you perform all time in your menu
  • Search capability with autocomplete
  • Use of easy-to-understand language instad of banking terminology
  • Lean design
  • Visually supported help
  • Login through SMS, soft token (Odeabank Pass’O), fingerprint via Odeabank Pass'O, and mobile signature
  • Reminder Services which send notifications for transactions & account details
Login with username Login with username

You can login to Odeabank Internet Banking with your username and Citizenship Number ; password to reach all transactions.

You can set your username via our branches, or logging in with your debit/credit card and your Citizenship Number.

You can reach all available transactions for Internet Banking from here.

Login with card Login with card

You can set your username, retrieve your password if you have forgotten with login with your card section. All you need is to enter your card number, card PIN, your birthday, and select Internet Banking Password from "Settings" menu. Then you have to enter your CVV, and your IDs number to retrieve your Odeabank username & password.

If you do not have an Odeabank card and you have not registered with the Internet Branch, you can register by entering the last 2 characters of your Mother Kirst Surname and your ID document serial number, followed by Citizenship Number, the last 4 cell phones, date of birth, SMS on your mobile phones.

You can also use remove blockage if you have blocked your password or PIN.

Transaction limit & hours Transaction limit & hours

Odeabank Internet Banking daily transaction limits & hours are as follow.

Transaction Transaction Hours Retail Commercial / Corporate
Money Transfer 24 / 7 1 – 200.000 TL 1 – 750.000 TL
EFT 09:00 – 17:00 1 – 100.000 TL 1 – 750.000 TL
SWIFT 24 / 7 10 – 100.000 TL 10 – 1.000.000 TL
Buy / Sell Mutual Fund 09:30 – 12:30 1 – 1.000.000 TL 1 – 1.000.000 TL
Buy / Sell FX 24 / 7 1 – 350.000 TL 1 – 350.000 TL
Buy / Sell Gold 09:00 - 18:00 10 – 100.000 TL 10 – 100.000 TL
Arbitrage 24 / 7 100 – 350.000 TL 100 – 350.000 TL
Repo 09:30 – 14:00 100 – 1.000.000 TL 100 – 1.000.000 TL
Mutual Funds 09:30 – 14:00 200 – 1.000.000 TL 200 – 1.000.000 TL
Time Deposit Account Opening 24 / 7 0 – 10.000.000 TL 0 – TL
Overnight Time Deposit Account Opening 08:00 – 15:00 25.000 – 1.000.000 TL 25.000 – 1.000.000 TL
Time Deposit Account Closure 24 / 7 0 – 200.000 TL 0 – 500.000 TL

*Gold transactions can be made at least 10 grams.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you have an Odeabank debit card or credit card, You can get your username & password via login with card section.
  • You can also visit our branches or use our ATMs to retrieve your username & password.
  • If you have not an Odeabank debit card or credit card,You can get your password via login with citizenship number.
  • If this is your first login using your password sent via SMS, you should enter the required information sent to you by the same SMS.
  • Your first time PIN will be your birthday formatted as DDMM as 4-digit if your Internet Banking PIN created via our branches.
  • Your first time PIN will be your card PIN if you created your Internet Banking using your card information.
  • You can call 444 8 444 Odeabank Contact Center if you need any assistance.
  • Blockage time will be 3 hours, after 3 hours your blockage will be relieved automatically.
  • You can remove blockage with login with card section or call 444 8 444 Odeabank Contact Center if you need to remove the blockage before that time.
  • If you have blocked your card login status, you have to wait 2 hours. Card blockage will not be relieved manually.

Please click here for Internet Banking users manual.