Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make banking simple through unique offerings and expertise, and be a responsible member of our community who contributes genuinely to its sustainable development.

​Our vision is to be the premier phygital bank of Turkey, offering the best digital experience with physical authenticity.

Our Values:


  • We empathize with our stakeholders and make their lives easier.
  • We think creatively and provide fast and practical solutions.
  • We differentiate ourselves by making personal impacts.


  • We wonder, explore, and believe in lifelong learning.
  • We take courageous steps to improve ourselves and help others improve.
  • We design together, we finalize together.


  • We build honest and reliable relationships through accountability.
  • We prioritize keeping streamlined, transparent and accessible.
  • We openly share our thoughts and experiences.


  • We respect the individual and value diversity and multi-voices.
  • We support gender equality and advocate for an equitable world.