Precious Metals Responsible Supply Chain ODEABANK HOTLINE​

Precious Metals Responsible Supply Chain ODEABANK HOTLINE

Odea Bank A.S., as a precious metals brokerage firm operating in the Borsa Istanbul Precious Metals Market has adopted the principle of compliance with the Stock Exchange regulations and international standards, procedures and principles.

The scope of our Bank's Precious Metals Responsible Supply Chain Compliance process has been issued based on the provisions of the Regulation on the Principles of Activity of Precious Metals Exchange Intermediary Institutions and the Establishment of Precious Metals Intermediary Institutions and the Communiqué on Precious Metals Standards and Refineries which are the elements of the Borsa Istanbul responsible precious metals supply chain compliance program as a whole. It was created within the scope of legal regulations and principles.

In case of doubts regarding the transactions carried out within the scope of the precious metals responsible supply chain or if a newly identified risky situation occurs, you can contact us via the Odeabank Supply Chain Hotline “tedarikzinciri-ihbarhattı".