Amendments To Be Made According To The New Regulation

Amendments To Be Made According To The New Regulation​

Amendments To Be Made According To The New Regulation

In accordance with the Information Systems and Electronic Banking Services Regulation, the use of a digital channel password has become mandatory in order to receive service from the Contact Center. We would like to inform you about these changes so that you don't experience interruptions in our Contact Center services.

What is the Digital Channel Password?
It's a 6 digit password that is unique for you, consisting numbers that you can use in the Contact Center, Internet and Mobile Banking channels.

How to Get Digital Channel Password?
If you have used our Internet and Mobile Banking channels in the last 6 months, you can use your 6 digit password you use in these channels as the Digital Channel Password in the Contact Center.
When you call our Call Center, you will hear the Digital channel password announcement, you should dial the 6 digit code we sent to your mobile phone or accept the push notification which will sent to your mobile banking app, and then dial your 6 digit current password
If you have never used our Internet and Mobile Banking channels, but you have a credit card or ATM card belonging to our bank;
You can create your digital channel password by call 444 8 444 and dial your 16 digit card number, 4 digit card password and the code sent to your mobile phone registered with the bank. And then, you’ll be able to create 6 digit digital channel password by dialing it.
You will be asked to dial a second time so that we can verify the password you have created.
If your mobile phone information registered with our bank isn’t updated, you can submit your request for information update.
To change your credit or debit card password or to get a new password, you can send a text message to 8444 by typing “SIFRE, leave a space, write the 4 digit new password you want to create, leave a space, write the last 4 digits of your card and the last 3 numbers on the signature tape of your card.  (for example, PASSWORD 1234 1234567)
If you do not have a card belonging to our bank, you can apply for a card from our 444 8 444 Contact Center or get your password from our branches.
There is no need to use a Digital Channel Password when you want to about lost, stolen and suspicious transaction notifications, product applications and application status, updating personal information stored in the bank, and about our campaigns. You can send your request through the voice guidance service in our voice response system by calling 444 8 444.

Except for the transactions listed above, you must dial the Digital Channel Password and the 6 digit code/push notification sent to your mobile phone registered with the bank for all your transactions.

For detailed information 444 8 444.