A spectacular concert from world famous, Grammy award-winning choral conductor Eric Whitacre and Rezonans!

A spectacular concert from world famous, Grammy award-winning choral conductor Eric Whitacre and Rezonans!

Eric Whitacre, Grammy award-winning popular choral conductor and classical music composer performed at a spectacular concert with Turkey's leading choir Rezonans in Zorlu Center PSM on November 8, sponsored by Odeabank.

Eric Whitacre, world famous star of classical performed at a concert in İstanbul, sponsored by Odeabank. The Grammy-winning choral conductor shared the stage with one of Turkey's leading choirs, Rezonans. Eric Whitacre and Rezonans created a magical experience especailly for listeners of contemporary choral music at Zorlu Center PSM.

Eric Whitacre, greeting the guests with the words “Merhaba İstanbul” and occasionaly inviting them to accompany the concert, won everyone's heart with his congeniality. The choral conductor praised Turkish music, received a big applause for Turkish songs that he played, like 'Divane aşk'. The concert brought together the prominent names of the music, art, media and business circles. The press showed a great interest in the concert as well as Odeabank customers. 10 winners of the social media competition organized by Odeabank also had a chance to see the concert.

“Choral Superstar” Eric Whitacre, a best-selling choral and orchestral music composer won a Grammy in 2012 with his first music album “Light&Gold”. Whitacre, whose name was given to many music festivals in the world, has brought together chorists from all over the world on the internet with his “Virtual Choir” project, opening a new era in choral music. The “Virtual Choir” project with record-breaking views on Youtube, is considered a digital revolution in the classical music world.

Rezonans, Turkey's leading choir, which shared the stage with Eric Whitacre, has made a name with projects it realized with world-famous composers and conductors. The well-known choir, bringing a new approach to choral music with its interdisciplinary performances, has been preparing for this concert for 3 years with an augmented choir of 70 persons. The project hosted by Koro Kültür Derneği is also supported by the Borusan Vakfı.​