Contemporary drawing on exhibit for art lovers at O’Art

Contemporary drawing on exhibit for art lovers at O’Art

“Drawing Today” exhibition, reflecting the importance of drawing and drawing-based strategies in contemporary art brings together works by various artists in various disciplines. The exhibition, curated by Marcus Graf and featuring contemporary works ranging from 3-D drawings to neon works and from video to performance art, can be visited at O'Art until April 30.

O'Art, hosting important manifestations of contemporary art, presents a contemporary interpretation of the oldest discipline of the visual arts: 'drawing'. “Drawing Today” exhibition reflecting the importance of drawing and drawing-based art, brings together drawings in different disciplines by 15 artists.

The exhibition consists of media art, photography, sculptures and works in other techniques and formats as well as classical forms of pencil on paper drawings. The exhibition featuring 3-D drawings, neon works, video and performance art is curated by Yeditepe University Fine Arts Faculty Member Marcus Graf, who has been living in Turkey for many years.

Graf, declares “Standing for a long time in the shadow of painting, drawing receives a much stronger appreciation and acceptance today with conceptualism and minimalism as well as the post-postmodern condition of art.”, and adds that the exhibition serves as a brief outlook on the development of drawing in Turkey.

The exhibiton organized with the assistance of Melike Bayık, features drawing by young artists Ahmet Duru, Ali Elmacı, Arslan Sükan, Candaş Şişman, Cins, Çağrı Saray, Erdal Duman, Erinç Seymen, Fırat Engin, Güneş Terkol, Hacer Kıroğlu, Melike Kılıç, Serkan Yüksel, Yuşa Yalçıntaş, Yunus Emre Erdoğan.

The “Drawing Today” exhibition can be seen at O'Art on the second floor of Odeabank Etiler Branch until April 30.​​