O’Art Art Competition ended up in a visually appealing exhibition once again

O'Art, creating opportunities for young artists brings together the finalists of its second Art Competition in the 'O'Art Art Competition 2017 Exhibition'. 27 works deemed worthy of exhibition among the 700 submitted artworks are presented to the art world in O'Art.

The winners of the O'Art Art Competition, which artists under the age of 35 submitted their works in all subjects, techniques and sizes were announced. 27 artworks selected for exhibition among hundreds of submissions are presented in the O'Art Art Competition Exhibition, while 5 young artists were awarded during the opening reception of the exhibition. Ali Omar, Ezgi Tok, Fatma Çakmak, Kadir Kayserilioğlu and Seda Oturmak received merit awards of 10 thousand TL each.

Odeabank Corporate Communications and Marketing Group Manager Işıl Oruk, who spoke at the award ceremony and opening reception of the O'Art Art Competition Exhibition said: “As well as hosting masters, O'Art pays attention to create an opportunity for young artists to exhibit their works to art world. Within this scope as Odeabank, we are happy to have opened doors to young artists and present their works once again through the O'Art Art Exhibition. It was quite difficult to make a selection among hundreds of noteworthy artworks. I thank all our young artists.”

700 young artists, who enrich lives by creating what they distill from their observations, emotions and criticisms, submitted their artworks to the O'Art Art Competition organized for the second time this year by Odeabank's art platform O'Art to create opportunities for young artists.

O'Art Art Competition Exhibition can be visited until october 13 in O'Art, on the second floor of Odeabank Etiler Branch.