Odeabank renovated a basketball court with the 3 points shots scored in the Final Four

Odeabank renovated a basketball court with the 3 points shots scored in the Final Four

Odeabank, “The Bank of Basketball” has donated 333 Euros for each of the point shots mae during the 2016-2017 THY Euroleage Final Four. With the total amount collected in the fund that is nearly 26 thousand Euros, the basketball court of the Şair Nedim Park in Küçükçekmece has been renovated.

Odeabank, The Bank of Basketball, continues to support basketball in all platforms. Odeabank, the regional supporter of 2016-2017 THY Euroleague and the global supporter of the Final Four won by the Fenerbahçe Men's Basketball Team in 2017, demonstrated that it invests in amateur as well as professional basketball. Odeabank established a fund to support basketball and made a donation for each 3 point shot made during the Final Four, contributing a total of 25 thousand 974 Euros for 78 three point shots scored in the Final Four. This donation has provided the resources for the renovation of the public basketball court in the Şair Nedim Park located in the Küçükçekmece district of Istanbul.

The opening ceremony of the basketball court renovated with the contribution of Odeabank was attended by Odeabank Corporate Communications and Marketing Director Aslı Alıveren, Euroleauge Business Development Director Roser Queralto, Youth and Sports Services Manager Oktay Kurt, players from the Fenerbahçe Basketball Team that won the THY Euroleague Berk Uğurlu and Egehan Arna along with young players from the Anadolu Efes team, Berk Demir and Oğulcan Baykan.​

Odeabank Corporate Communications and Marketing Director Aslı Alıveren, declared that as Odeabank, “The Bank of Basketball”, they are happy to transform the 3 point shots scored in the Final Four to a new court that will create new opportunities for the basketball players of the future. She added: “Our basketball players who make us one of the most successful countries of the world at an international level by playing in the finals in European and World Championships and winning cups, have been introduced to this sport in small but valuable facilities like this court which brings us together here today. They developed a love of basketball and with this love nurtured their talents. Our support for the 2016-2017 THY Euroleague competition and the extension of this support further to the foundations of basketball; to these courts that introduce basketball to our youth is an important indication of our approach to social responsibility and the importance we give to the development of our youth.

Euroleague Business Development Director Roser Queralto also spoke at the opening, stating: “Odeabank has made a generous donation for the repair of this park in Küçükçekmece, rendering a huge service to the residents of Küçükçekmece turning the park into a usable space for the youth around this area. It is wonderful to see so many members of the family of Euroleague Basketball sponsors support our sport in numerous cities and countries.