Company Profile

Odeabank is a joint stock company established on March 15, 2012. An application was submitted to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency on June 20, 2012 for the operational license which was granted on October 2nd, 2012.

About Bank Audi

Our main shareholder, Bank Audi, is a regional group with a universal banking profile, headquartered in Lebanon, operating in 11 different countries in all areas of banking, including corporate, commercial, retail, investment and private banking. As of end-June 2020, Bank Audi's consolidated assets reached USD 37.1 billion, principally driven by customers' deposits of USD 26.5 billion, with shareholders' equity reaching USD 3.1 billion. Bank Audi's group staff headcount exceeds 6,200 employees and its shareholders' base encompasses more than 1,500 holders of common shares and/or holders of Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs) representing common shares.​

Its shares and GDRs are listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange.