SMS Services​

Thanks to Odeabank's SMS services, your needed information is at your fingertips!

General Information

General Information and Transactions

Key Word Description Using Example
PASSWORD Creating a password for Odeabank credit and debit cards. SIFRE {4 number password} { Last 4 numbers of and CVV code of card}
CURRENT Current credit card spending amount for the current period and your available limit. GUNCEL { Last 4 numbers of card }
RECEIPT The last statement balance of your card. EKSTRE {Last 4 numbers of card}
CURRENCY Our bank's buying/selling exchange rates. DOVIZ
BRANCH To get our branch addresses, after the keyword, you should send the city and district names without Turkish characters. SUBE {CITY}{TOWN}
BANKO Fast credit card application (Exp: BANKO 12341234123 01.01.1990) BANKO (TCKN) (DD.MM.YY)​

Customized Notifications for You

Key Word Description Using Example
BALANCE Checking account balance. BAKIYE {Customer no} or
BAKIYE {Customer no} USD
BILL Your bond/treasury bill portfolio. BONO {Customer no}