Bank'O Debit Card

Bank'O Debit Card

Your Bank'O Debit Card Stands By You for all your needs!

By making use of your Bank'O debit card, you can withdraw cash from the Odeabank ATMs and the ATMs of the other banks, domestically, and from all ATMs with the Maestro or Electron logo, internationally, and you can do shopping at all merchants, either domestic or international, which accept an Electron or Maestro card, without being in need to carry cash with you.

Furthermore: you can readily perform the following transactions;

  • Term/Demand deposit account transactions,
  • Cash depositing transactions,
  • EFT and Remittance Transactions,
  • Turkcell Bill payments/TRY loading,
  • Password change transactions, through the Odeabank ATMs.

It is so simple to check your account balance by making use of the Bank'O card!

You can type BALANCE and send it to 8444 by short message together with your customer ID number, and you can access to your balance details anytime you wish.

In order to obtain the password for your Bank'O Debit Card;

  • Type PASSWORD and leave a space and type your new 4 digit password and the last 4 digits of your card and the 3 digit number on the backside and send it to 8444, (For example; PASSWORD 1111 2222333); or
  • Dial 444 8 444 Odeabank Contact Center, or
  • Log into Odeabank Mobile Branch, or
  • Click on the Odeabank Internet Branch.