Odea Bank Card​

Your ODEA BANK CARD is with you for every need!

Odea Bank Card is a debit card that allows you to use the balance in your current account or, when this balance is insufficient, utilize an additional linked account allocated to your card to meet your needs.

General Information

Card Features

  • You can conduct deposit, withdrawal, and balance inquiry transactions at Odeabank ATMs.
  • You can perform cash withdrawal/deposit and balance inquiry transactions for free up to 5 times a month affiliated bank ATMs within the country.
  • You can make contactless payments for purchases up to 1.500 TL without the need to enter a PIN.
  • Make purchases at domestic and international Visa and/or MasterCard-accepting merchants without the need to carry cash.
  • Use it for depositing money, managing term and current accounts, initiating fund transfers (EFT), and wire transfers.
  • Perform bill payments and top-up transactions.
  • You can choose digital receipts over paper slips for your bank card purchases to cut paper usage.
  • Track your card transactions through the "Odea Application" and "Odeabank Internet Branch."
  • Check your account balance by sending a text message with "BAKIYE" along with your customer number to 8444.

How to get Odea Bank Card PIN?

  • Send "PIN" space 4 digits of your new PIN space the last 4 digits of your card and the following 3 digits to 8444 (Example: PIN 1111 2222333).
  • Contact 444 8 444 Odeabank Communication Center if you have a digital channel password.
  • Follow the steps in the Odea Application under Banking -> All -> Cards -> Bank Cards -> PIN, or in the Odeabank Internet Branch under CARDS -> BANK CARD -> PIN OPERATIONS to create your PIN.

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