Odea General Purpose Loan​

For your urgent financial needs, Odeabank offers "Odea General Purpose Loan" cash loans!

Loans that you can use for cash expenses, regardless of the amount, are waiting for you in our branches with terms of up to 36 months.


General Information

How to apply for a loan?

Required documents for application:

  • Identity Document (Identity Card with Turkish ID Number, driver's license or passport)
  • One natural gas, electricity, telephone or water bill for the last 3 months in the name of the applicant
  • Income Certificate
    • Sole Proprietorship, company partner, Self-Employed or Trade Person:
      Tax Certificate for the last 3 years, balance sheet and income statement / business account summary
      Trade Registry Gazette / Chamber registration certificate
    • Salaried Employees:
      Payroll slip or salary letter and company signature circular and SGK service breakdown
    • Pensioners:
      Pension passbook or letter containing information about the bank account where the pension is deposited
    • Real Estate Income Declarants:
      Title deed, relevant lease contract and document showing the rent collection
    • Securities Income Earners:
      Passbooks or passbooks showing interest income

You can visit Odeabank branches for detailed information and to apply.

How are loan installments paid?

You can easily make your loan installment payments through the following channels:

  • Internet Banking
  • Odea Mobile Application
  • Contact Center (444 8 444)
  • Transfer from any bank account
  • Akbank ATMs and PTT branches

* To make payments at Akbank ATMs and PTT branches, you will need the Turkish Republic ID Number and the IBAN Number of the loan account. Payments at PTT branches are subject to a fee of 12.02 TL, including BITT Tax, while payments at Akbank ATMs are charged at 17.50 TL + BITT Tax. Payments can be made at Akbank ATMs by selecting the "Odeabank Payments" option.

Sample Loan Calculation

Loan Amount Maturity Interest Rate Monthly Installment Amount Loan Allocation Fee (Including BITT Tax) RUSF Rate BITT Tax Rate Monthly Cost Rate Effective Annual Cost Rate
10.000 TL 24 Month %6,99 1.037,34 TL 57,50 TL %15 %15 %9,1602 %186,2680

* As part of the sample cost table, the interest rate determined based on the bank's customer scoring will be presented to the customer for approval before loan disbursement. The loan allocation fee is up to one-fifth of the loan amount, including BIFF Tax. The insurance cost is not included in the calculation of the effective annual cost rate and varies depending on the individual. The loan allocation fee is included in the effective annual interest rate. The bank reserves the right to request income documents, suspend or modify the campaign, and freely evaluate applications.

*According to regulations, the maximum term is applied as 36 months for loans in the range of 0-50,000 TL, 24 months for loans in the range of 50,001-100,000 TL, and 12 months for loans of 100,001 TL and above.