Even if the balance in your Demand Deposit Account isn’t sufficient, you can count on your overdraft limit for all your cash needs!

You can use your Overdraft Account for your urgent cash needs, even if you do not have a sufficient balance. If you wish, you can make payments without the hassle of monitoring the invoices’ and cheques’ collection by adding them to your account.

Overdraft limit for all your urgent cash needs

Be prepared when life’s unexpected surprises knock at your door. Arrange your overdraft and you can have the cash limit you can use anytime.

Utility bills to be followed up

Don’t worry about the payment dates of your utility bills. Add your utility bill payments to your overdraft facility and you won’t need to constantly keep track of them.

Payments, which should not be delayed

You can use your overdraft facility to avoid delay in your rent payments or a cash deficit during regular cash transfers to your relatives. You can easily fulfill your short-term cash needs and pay interest charged on a daily basis.

How much interest should I pay?

The interest rate depends on the number of days you use your limit. If it is used and covered on the same day, a 1-day interest is accrued in your Overdraft Account.


  • If you use TL 500 for 2 days, you pay TL 0.90 interest only
  • If you use TL 1,000 for 2 days, you pay TL 1.80* interest only


When you have incoming transfers, your debit balance automatically decreases. You can easily use your overdraft account limit without visiting the branch.

The interest rate you use within the month will be automatically withdrawn from your account on the first business day of the next month.

The cash inflow to your overdraft account is carried out on a one-day-value basis.

How to Apply?

If you wish to apply for an Overdraft Account, visit our branch and bring along the following documents:

  • Identity Document (ID Card with TR ID No, Driving License or Passport)
  • Utility bill for the last three months (natural gas, electricity, phone or water) in the applicant’s name
  • Income Statement
    • Self-Employed Persons or Tradesmen:
      • Last year’s Tax Registration, Balance Sheet and Income Statement/Business Account Statement
      • Trade Registry Gazette/Chamber Registry Document
    • Company Shareholders:
      • Last year’s Tax Registration, Audited Balance Sheet and Income Statements/Business Account Statement
      • Trade Registry Gazette/Chamber Registry Document
    • Salaried Employees: Payroll or salary certificate and company’s signature circulars
    • Retirees: Retirement salary document or letter including the information on the bank account into which the retirement salary is being deposited
    • Declarers of Real Estate Income: Title deed and relevant lease contract
    • Movable Income Earners: Account book showing interest yield.

(*) The monthly interest rate is 2.25%. You will be charged 15% KKDF (Resource Utilization Support Fund) and 5% BSMV (Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax). Since cash flows to the overdraft account occur on a one-day-value basis, the calculation is made over 3 days.​​​​