We give your time back in Odeabank Mobile App. Every month you accumulate your seconds, we give you the pleasure of vacation, the excitement of football, the festival's ritual.

You can earn rewards* by ranking among the first 100 people who accumulate the most seconds per month. You can also log on to the Odeabank mobile application and perform transactions, and you will be entitled to win various prizes each month with the National Lottery** draws. Details of the campaign can be found in the "Monthly Awards" section on this page. Winners of each month are posted on the "Winners" section on this page.

You can view the time you have accumulated in Odeabank mobile application in Odeabank Kazandırıy'O menu. In addition, by acquiring processing-specific badges, you can progress step by step to perform all kinds of operations in the Odeabank mobile application.

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This Month Prizes
Odeabank Kazandırıyo

Formula 1 Excitement is waiting for you in Milan!

Between February 15th and April 15th, our individual customers who successfully enter the Odeabank mobile application with their username / TCKN and password gain 1 lottery for each day they log in.

Campaign Terms:

  • This campaign has been approved by the National Lottery Administration with the permission numbered 58259698-255.01.02-E.1500 dated 06.02.2018 by Odea Bank A.Ş. .
  • The campaign is valid from 15.02.2018 (00:01) to 15.04.2018 (23:59).
  • Encourage the use of mobile banking in Turkey between campaign dates, in order to provide in the Banking Services presentation, download the free Odeabank mobile applications, Odeabank user name and individual customers entering the password, they log shall be entitled to one raffle for every day. (Campaign daily attendance 1 the number of entries is limited to the right to draw.
  • Raffle, 20.04.2018 at 11:00 am Akro Tanıtım Organizasyon Film Yapım ve Tic. Inc. Meeting room. Rainbow Sk. No.15 / 1, 4.Levent, Beşiktaş-İstanbul.
  • The result of the draw will be a 1 Euro 3,000,00 EURO Double Milano Formula 1 Travel Package (Formula 1 round for 4 nights in Milano from 30 August to 3 September.) Round-trip plane tickets, bed and breakfast accommodation in 4 stars hotel, - airport transfer, Formula 1 entrance tickets, city tour, and environmental excursions). (Travel starts and ends in Istanbul Ataturk Airport, transportation expenses up to Istanbul, visa, passport operations and expenses are reserved by the winners, together with the travel lucky winner, travel expenses can not be converted, transferred and used by anyone other than the lucky winner.)
  • In the case of participation in the campaign, those who lack any of the name, surname and telephone information will not be entitled to a drawing.
  • The campaign is for individual customers only.
  • If the address information is incomplete or unknown in case the participant earns a bonus, notification of the announcement made in the newspaper will suffice.
  • Daily participation in the campaign is limited to one (1) right to draw, which is limited to a total of 60 withdrawals during the campaign period.
  • The accuracy, adequacy and responsiveness of the information provided by the participants is the responsibility of the participants.
  • Odeabank AS, Akro Tanıtım Org. Film Yapım ve Tic. Inc. employees and young people under the age of 18, even if they can not participate in the campaign, participate and win.
  • Taxes and other legal obligations other than taxes such as VAT + SCT, which are included in the cost of goods and / or services subject to the charge, shall be paid by the lucky persons.
  • The results of the draw will be announced in the Birgün newspaper on 25.04.2018 and posted on,
  • Winners will also be notified by mail.
  • The appeal to the lottery must be submitted to the National Lottery Administration within 15 days of the deadline for the bonus payment.
  • Anyone who participates in this lottery is deemed to have accepted these conditions.
Odeabank Kazandırıyo

25TL coupon on iTunes or Google Play!

Get most points and be in the first 100 people to collect the most seconds to win the appropriate gift to the operating system you are using.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The first 100 people who collect the most seconds in January will win a gift.
  • Terms of use of the gift codes are as follows.
  • Google Play Terms & Conditions:

    • It is valid for 13 years or more users residing in Turkey.
    • Gift Cards are issued by Google Payment Corporation ("GPC"). To have Internet access to use a Gift Card, you must be in accordance with Turkey and opening the Google Payments account to have a Google Payments account, or you need to create such an account.
    • Gift Cards should be used to purchase eligible items on Google Play.
    • An unused Google Play balance will be credited to the Google Play gift for the recipient's Gift Cards for future use.
    • If the order value to be paid for the Gift Card exceeds the amount of the available Gift Card, the transaction is refused.
    • There is no fee or expiration date for the Gift Card.

    How can I upload the Google Play Gift Card?

    • Open your Google Play Store app.
    • Click on menu
    • Click on use code or redeem & enter the code you have received.

    iTunes Terms & Conditions:

    • When you use an iTunes or Apple Music Gift Card, the amount of credit on the card is added to your Apple ID that you use to purchase items or participate in Apple Music from the iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or App Store.
    • You can use store credit for purchases you've made in any of these stores until the end, for your iCloud storage space, or for in-app purchases.
    • After you use your iTunes Gift Card, your account's status automatically updates in the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store.
    • You may need to exit and re-enter your devices to view your credit card.
    • You can view your balance under your Apple account.

    How can I top-up my iTunes Gift Card?

    • On your device, tap iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or App Store.
    • Go to the end of the Highlights section and touch Use Code.
    • Enter your apple account details
    • Enter the 16 digit code you have received manually
Discounts & Advantages

All users who downloaded the Odeabank mobile application get the necessary code by entering the details of the campaign from the Campaigns menu, immediately benefit from the discounts!


You can earn the following badges in Odeabank mobile app!

  • Bill Monster

    5th new bill payment

  • Curious

    App Download

  • Cash King

    3rd cash Advance transaction

  • Innovative

    First login

  • Loyal Techie

    10th login in a month

  • Lannister

    3rd credit card or loan payment

  • Social Mediatic

    10th social media share

  • Transfer Expert

    10th money transfer transaction

  • Queued Up

    5th mobile q-matic usage

  • Generous

    5th payment to other Odeabank Card

  • New Badges

    Our new badges will be available soon!

Transactions & Seconds

You can win seconds by doing the following transactions in Odeabank Mobile App.

Transaction Seconds Condition
IBAN Query 3 Once in a month
App Download 10 Bir kez
Login 5 Once in a month
Cash & Installment Cash Advance 5 Once in a month
Installment & Postpone 5 Once in a month
money Transfer 5 Once in a month
Bill Payment & GSM TL Top-up 5 Once in a month
Own Credit Card Payment 5 Once in a month
Loan Payment 5 Once in a month
FX Transactions 5 Once in a month
Mutual Fund Transactions 5 Once in a month
Share on Social Media 1 Once in a month
Q-Matic Usage 3 Once in a month
Cheque Control 5 Once in a month
Odeabank Pass’O Activation 10 Once
View Campaigns 5 Once in a month
Previous Winners

*Odeabank A.Ş. has the right to change, completely or partially remove and terminate the application of any kind of information about the transactions, the badges and the seconds gains of Odeabank Kazandırıy'O application. The customer who belongs to the same user in the order of priority has the first entry to apply priority. Seconds earned in the result of the transaction are canceled in case of transaction cancellation. For the winning users, an address confirmation will be provided first, and if the user does not want to use the campaign or if they can not be reached, the next user will be entitled. Only individual customers can participate in the competition. Seconds earned in the result of the transaction are canceled in case of transaction cancellation. In competitions / campaigns, our customers are awarded only once in the same calendar year. It is not possible to win more than one prize in the same competition / campaign. More than one code / check / gift is not sent to the same person. Odeabank can not participate in competitions / campaigns organized for staffed customers.