Odeabank Private Card


Odeabank offers the Ayrıcalıklı Card to its Privileged Banking customers

By making use of the Ayrıcalıklı Card, you will not only receive cash refund for your shopping but also have various features to facilitate your life such as discount flight tickets and medical assistance services.

Thanks to the World Elite Mastercard feature of your card, you will continue to feel privileged all around the world and at all times.

Odeabank Ayrıcalıklı Card Customer Hotline 0212 275 84 44

Cash Refund

The feature to receive cash refund at 1% for your all shopping

By making use of the cash refund campaign in each month, you can see the amount of such refund in your credit card during your next credit card statement period.*

* The maximum amount of such refund shall be TRY 100, monthly, and the discount shall be reflected on the 5th day of the following month. Discount campaign does not include cash and installment advances, bill payments, tax payments and SSI (Social Security Institution) premium payments.

Traveling Discount

Odeabank Ayrıcalıklı Card enables you to fly at a discount!

By making use of the Odeabank Ayrıcalıklı Card, you will benefit from a discount at 10% for the flight tickets you will buy, and you can become entitled to discount up to TRY 750 during the year, without the burden to collect points.

*The service for buying flight tickets is provided by YKM Tourism. The customers, who will meet the criteria for the Privileged Banking segment at the end of the month in which the ticket was bought, shall be entitled to the discount. Booking requests for tickets can be made by dialing 0212 275 84 44 Ayrıcalıklı Card Customer Hotline.

The discount will apply only to the flight tickets bought through Odeabank Ayrıcalıklı Card Customer Hotline.

Restaurant Discount

GastroClub membership, granted complimentary by the Ayrıcalıklı Card, will enable you to enjoy the benefit of discounts up to* 50% at more than 1200 distinguished restaurants in 20 cities, domestically...

For the purpose of enjoying the benefit of such discounts up to 50%, you can download the GastroClub application to your smart phone through Apple Store for IOS or through Google Play for Android. After downloading the application, it will be sufficient for you to fill in the registration form, which will appear after clicking the "I want to become a member" button, and to click on the Continue button after typing the 16 digits of your Ayrıcalıklı Card number in the "Promotional Code" field at the bottom. For your subsequent logins into the application, you can log in through the "Member Login" field by typing your mobile telephone number you have entered at the time of registering to the GastroClub application.

You can benefit from the domestic restaurant discounts up to 50% as well as such other opportunities provided to you by us, free of charge and without paying any GastroClıub membership fee, by making use of the Ayrıcalıklı Card!

Unless otherwise specified, there is no limitation for the number and amount for the amounts of the discounts.

Click here for the List of the Restaurants at Discount.

Video Call Medical Consultation Service

Fee safer and better by making a video call with the medical doctor you will choose.

A unique assistance service offered by the Ayrıcalıklı Card: Video Call Medical Consultation. During the video call you will have with your medical doctor, s/he will listen for your medical background and ask you questions about your illness and provide you with assistance by answering your complaints and questions.

On-line medical doctor meeting is not an alternative for a physical examination and treatment by your local medical doctor. No diagnosis or treatment is being performed or prescription is written.

You can access to the www.doctorturkey.com.tr/odeabank platform by entering your code, sent by Odeabank, and also you details. By selecting the medical doctor, with whom you wish to have a meeting, from the list of medical doctors, you can have a meeting with the general practitioner, instantly on 7/24 basis, or with an attending physician, either by video or audio call, on a future date.


Odeabank Ayrıcalıklı Card offers the opportunity to have 2 interest-free installments for your shopping! Besides, there is no limitation for the number of the transactions!

You can split the shopping amounting to TRY 300 to TRY 3.000, you will have done in a lump, into 2 installments, and you can split your shopping amounting to TRY 3.001 to TRY 25.000 up to 6 installments at interest.

Feel privileged also during your shopping by making use of your card!

*Conditions For Installments:

  • Any single withdrawal shopping may be split into installments after corresponding to the current term transactions.
  • Such shopping may be split into installments through the Odea Mobile, Odeabank Internet Branch, and Odeabank Contact Center by replying to the SMS that will be received following the shopping that is eligible for splitting into installments.
  • The interest rate, applied for splitting into installments at interest, shall be the same with the contractual rate of interest determined by the CBRT (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey).
  • As per the statutory regulations, any spending to be made by making use of the personal credit cards for buying jewelry, either printed or bullion, or with respect to telecommunications, direct marketing, and also any spending made abroad and also for buying meal, food, alcoholic beverages, fuel, cosmetics, office supplies and gift cards, gift vouchers and such other products that do not include any goods or service tangibly in a similar manner cannot be split into installments. Cash advance transactions may not be split into installments subsequently.
  • Unless a periodical campaign is available, wholesale industry, insurance, tax and bill payments cannot be split into installments.
  • In the event that the maximum number of installments applied for the campaign is higher than the limitations imposed by the BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency), then such amounts may be split into installments in accordance with the limits as determined by the BRSA. (For example: Despite the fact that 6 installments may be applied as part of the campaign, the option for 6 months will not be displayed since any overseas spending with respect to Airlines can be split into maximum 3 months as per the regulations of the BRSA.)

Additional Card Privileges

You can have an additional card issued for your Odeabank Ayrıcalıklı Card and enable that also your beloved ones benefit from the privileges you enjoy.

*Only the discount for flight tickets and also the cash refund privileges can be benefited. The discount shall be reflected on the basis of the total amount of the spending made by the original and the additional card holder(s).

**You can have at most 2 additional cards issued.

MasterCard Priceless Privileges

By making use of your Odeabank Mastercard Ayrıcalıklı Card, you can benefit from the unprecedented experiences and offers at 44 priceless and most visited cities around the world, such as Istanbul, New York and London.

Enjoy the priceless experiences over 2.000, designed exclusively for the Mastercard* holders.

Click here for detailed information.

World Elite MasterCard Privilege

You will enjoy priceless experiences all over the world thanks to the tailor-made services offered to you by Mastercard in addition to the features of your credit card. Thanks to the World Elite Mastercard feature, you will feel privileged all around the world and at all times.

Click here for detailed information.

Click here for checking the World Elite campaigns.

How Can I Apply For the Ayrıcalıklı Card?

Odeabank shall be entitled to cease the campaigns/benefits and/or to amend the terms and conditions thereto.