Environmental and Social Policy

Odeabank aims to promote environmentally and socially high-powered sustainable development in all its banking transactions. Thanks to its sense of responsible business, Odeabank is committed to eliminating the environmental and social impacts, which would arise either directly or indirectly from its operations, if possible, or reducing such impacts to minimum. As driven by this point of view, Odeabank has developed and realized the "Environmental and Social Management System" as based on the best practices of the international financial institutions. Accordingly, for the purpose of eliminating or minimizing the negative environmental and social impacts that would arise, Odeabank;

  • Has determined and adopted the Odeabank Exclusion List by taking the International Finance Corporation (IFC)’s Exclusion List as reference. No financing is provided to any activity that is included in the list which is updated within certain periods in line with the directions of the other international financial institutions.
  • During the course of its operations, it acts in compliance with any and all national laws and regulations with respect to the environmental and social matters, and it is committed to ensure that its customers, with which it has a loan relationship, also act in such manner.
  • By making use of the Environmental and Social Management System, Odeabank assesses its customers, which fall under the corporate and the commercial segments, in terms of the environmental and social risks before extension of any loan to such customers.
  • It carries out additional assessments for the activities/customers, who are determined to be of high risk in environmental and social terms among the activities/customers for which it extends any loan, and it determines the actions and measures that might be taken for the purpose of eliminating or reducing the environmental and social risks of the activity for which a loan would be extended.
  • Odeabank supports extension of loans for the projects which would improve the environmental conditions, such as the renewable energy, waste recycling and the investments that would reduce carbon emission and increase efficiency.
  • With the cooperation of the organizations such as IFC, Finance in Motion, The Banks' Association of Turkey and the support obtained from the professional consultants, the Bank has held trainings for the purpose of raising the environmental and social awareness throughout its organization and explaining the practices as part of the Environmental and Social Management System.

Odeabank acts responsibly while it carries out its own operations. Accordingly;

  • By making its efforts to build up the optimum technical equipment and service area for the purpose of delivering the best services to its customers, Odeabank attentively considers the journey of its customers starting as of the time they step in its branches. By bringing the environment-friendly practices into the forefront at the settings it offers to its customers and staff members, Odeabank ensures that the meetings are held without making use of any paper with "white board" technology in all of its meeting rooms through the Apple TV.
  • Making use of the "business intelligence" practices, which are capable of performing analysis on the data, Odeabank manages the paperless and environment-friendly business processes in real terms. Odeabank also keeps all of the documents related to its customers in digital media by making use of the document management system which enables the rapid flow of the business processes between the departments.
  • As different from the other banks, no paper is used at the Odeabank branches except for the cases where the signature is mandatory, and the documents which are required to be kept inside the branch are provided electronically. Another "green approach" of the Odeabank branches is the mobile Q-matic application. Thanks to the said approach, the customers may obtain their queue numbers without making use of any paper.
  • Also, by providing its customers with the option to receive such receipts by SMS or e-mail instead of a printed receipt following performance of an ATM transaction, Odeabank not only protects the environment but also expands the range of service it offers to the customers.

Please contact us via the below given e-mail address for your opinions, suggestions and complaints with respect to the Environmental and Social effects of the projects that are financed by Odeabank.