Remuneration Policy​

Check out the details of the employee remuneration policy adopted by Odeabank.

Remuneration Policy


The purpose of this Policy hereby is to set forth the general principles of remuneration for Odea Bank A.Ş. (“Bank”). Unless otherwise provided in this policy, the provisions of Turkish Commercial Code, the Capital Market Law and related regulations and the articles of association of the Bank shall apply in this scope.


This Policy applies to all employees of the Bank.

Bank’s Reward Philosophy

  • The written remuneration policies and practices in Turkey will be in compliance with the scope of (Bank’s) activities and will promote effective risk management and will not encourage risk taking, exceeding the tolerated level of risk in Turkey.
  • The salaries to be paid to the members of the BoD, to department heads and other personnel are determined in a compatible way with the ethical values, and strategic goals of the Bank.
  • The salaries cannot be associated to short term profit or income of the Bank. They are set in a compatible way in line with the Bank’s general pay policy, market dynamics, internal fairness and individual performances.
  • Any payments, to be made to Committee members stated under the Corporate Management Policy, are made by taking into consideration the responsibilities they have assumed within the Committee.
  • Performance based payments cannot be guaranteed in advance and performance based bonuses need to take into account the level of risks associated with each role.
  • The remunerations paid to the managers and the personnel of the internal control, internal audit, risk management departments and are determined by taking into account the performance of the related personnel concerning their function independently from the performance of the department they supervise or control. The criteria of the performance based incentive payments for such departments are regularly reviewed and department heads are required to make amendments in the job descriptions as and when such criteria are changed.
  • Performance based payments to individuals may be cancelled in respect of them having jeopardized the safety of Bank operations or responsible of harming financial structure of the Bank.
  • Information about the criteria’s of performance based payments, payment terms and average amounts are indicated in the Annual Activity Report submitted to the General Assembly.
  • Personnel recruitment and promotions are executed based on objective criteria by taking into consideration education, experience and responsibilities of the employees.