A First in Turkey; Different Campaigns According to Age and Gender

A First in Turkey; Different Campaigns According to Age and Gender​

A First in Turkey; Different Campaigns According to Age and Gender

Personalized campaigns from Odeabank

Odeabank, gaining prominence with its personalized banking applications has come up with another first, carrying out personalized campaigns according to the customers' age and gender, on digital posters in branch windows.

Turkey's most innovative bank Odeabank, standing out with biometric solutions in finance, has partnered with Proline to implement proactive screens in its branch windows, offering personalized campaigns to customers who are alerted to the campaign before they even enter the branch.

The hi-resolution digital posters on the windows of all Odeabank branches determine the age and gender of the viewer with a small built-in camera, then utilizes the information to offer targeted campaigns.

Odeabank Assistant General Manager responsible for Technology Tayfun Küçük spoke about the partnership and the personalized campaign management system saying: “As the most progressive bank of Turkey we have been continuing our innovative approach since our establishment. Thanks to our partnership with Proline we can now design personalized campaigns suitable for different customer profiles. We have launched many pioneering projects like receiving checks at ATMs and installing tablet computers at our branch counters receiving positive feedback from our customers. Our partnership with Proline will enable us to make our customers feel even more special through personalized campaigns.”

Proline's CEO Mehmet Doğanyiğit has evaluated the partnership with these words: “Personalized applications, services and solutions are gaining more importance in our contemporary world shaped by technology. Fingerprints, vein recognition, face recognition and other identity verification systems we implement allow us to develop personalized solutions and thus make communication between the consumers and institutions much more distinctive, helping to increase the service quality and customer satisfaction. We are proud to be partners with Odeabank, the leading bank in Turkey pioneering in personalized banking applications.”

Other Firsts from Odeabank: Receiving Checks at the ATMs and Tablet Computers at Counters

Odeabank had previously launched another pioneer project in Turkey by 'receiving checks at the ATMs'. With this practice, which enables check transactions to be made after business hours, customers can deposit checks 24/7.

Şubelerini “teknoloji üssü” olarak konumlandıran ve klasik banko anlayışını yıkarak açık gişe konseptini geliştiren Odeabank’ın müşterilerine kazandırdığı bir diğer yenilik ise “gişe önü tablet projesi” oldu.

Another innovative project realized by Odeabank, which positions its branches as “technology bases” was knocking down the notion of conventional counters by developing the open counter concept and implementing tablet computers at the counters.

With this new project, the customers that visit the branches can take a look at the campaigns, follow the transaction carried out by the teller and view their receipts on the tablet screen while their transactions are made.​​