A first in Turkey from Odeabank! Check admission at ATMs

A first in Turkey from Odeabank! Check admission at ATMs​

A first in Turkey from Odeabank! Check admission at ATMs

Odeabank the youngest and most innovative player in the banking sector, has launched a pioneering practice in Turkey with its “Check admission at the ATMs” project. With the implementation of the project, customers will be able to deposit their checks out of office hours, 7 days of the week and 24 hours of the day.

Odeabank, making each of its customers feel special with its “personalized banking” vision, distinguishes itself at the ATMs too. With Odeabank's pioneering “Check admission at the ATMs” project, customers can deposit their checks without entering the branch or waiting in line, 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week even on holidays.

Odeabank, offering services to make the customers' lives easier, also provides services like USD and EUR foreign currency deposits and withdrawals and cardless invoice payments at its ATMs. Everyone, regardless of being an Odabank customer or not, can pay their bills at Odeabank ATMs and can receive change in coins. In case that the change cannot be received in coins, it can be donated to LÖSEV at the Odeabank ATMs.

Odeabank, developing environment-friendly solutions for all circumstances, not only asks the ATM users if they want a printed receipt or not, but also provides the option to receive their receipts as an email or an SMS message. Another unique practice in the sector is viewing current news ans economic developments as well as product promotions at the ATM screens.​