Beşiktaş JK & Odeabank Collaboration In Basketball

Beşiktaş JK & Odeabank Collaboration In Basketball​

Beşiktaş JK & Odeabank Collaboration In Basketball

Turkey's most established sports club Beşiktaş JK has signed a sponsorship agreement with the youngest a​nd most innovative player in the Turkish banking sector, Odeabank.

The president of the BJK (Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club) Fikret Orman, Beşiktaş JK Board Member responsible for Basketball Hakan Özköse, Beşiktaş JK Women's basketball team players Gülşah Akkaya, Frida Eldebrink, Tuğba Taşçı, Ziomara Morrison, Begüm Dalgalar and Odeabank Board Member Ayşe Korkmaz and Assistant General Manager Cem Muratoğlu attended the ceremony which took place at the Beşiktaş Integral Arena.

Odeabank, fully supporting women in sports who are a source of pride for Turkey with their achievements, continues its consistent endorsement of basketball with the Beşiktaş JK Women's team, becoming the jersey-front sponsor of the team that played the quarter finals in the European Cup.

In the signing ceremony The President of the Beşiktaş JK Club Fikret Orman said: “We are very happy to collaborate with Odeabank, that has made a fast entrance into the sector, distinguishing itself with its progress and achievements. We have gathered here with you to share this collaboration agreement of our club with Odeabank, the fast growing player of the banking sector. We are pleased with Odeabank's support for basketball in cooperation with our club. Our partnerships with corporate institutions like Odeabank contribute to the fast advancement and achievement of our basketball branch both on and off the court. For this reason I am eager to achieve many more successes with Odeabank and I welcome them into the Beşiktaş family.”

Hakan Özköse, Beşiktaş JK Board Member Responsible of Basketball stated that he is pleased by the collaboration of Beşiktaş, one of the most important basketball communities in Turkey, with Odeabank, one of the youngest and most dynamic institutions of the banking sector. He added: “We believe that this will be a beneficial collaboration for both parties and will go on for many many years.”

Muratoğlu: “We will all see the positive results of this collaboration.”

Odeabank Retail Banking Assistant General Manager Cem Muratoğlu said: “We are honored to support the basketball teams that are a big source of pride for our country with their many successes. In this context we are proud to be side by side with the women's basketball team of Beşiktaş JK, one of the most deep-rooted establishments in Turkish sports. As a young player in our own sector we have gained another important partner in tune with our dynamic character. We will all see the positive results this partnership will bring.” He added that as Odeabank, they value basketball tremendously and with the leadership of their successful corporate team competing in the corporate league, they provide basketball training in the weekends to the children of their employees as well as 20 children from Koruncuk Vakfı who are in need of protection.

“Basketball is even more valuable to us, as it is based on succeeding as a team. If we want our country to speak louder in the global sphere, we have to support our sports teams in raising young talents. Believing that Beşiktaş JK will make Turkey proud with its achievements, our collaboration is one of the best decisions we have taken with this vision in mind.”

Odeabank Board Member Ayşe Korkmaz has emphasized that they will continue to support basketball regardless of teams and added: “This agreement with Beşiktaş JK Women's Basketball Team is very meaningful to us. I hope that the agreement will be beneficial for both parties.” ​