Forms of Japan

Forms of Japan​

Forms of Japan

O’Art, the art platform of Odeabank which has been hosting the representatives of contemporary art since day one, is now hosting the ”Forms of Japan” exhibition by Michael Kenna as part of the 4th Fotoistanbul Beşiktaş International Photography Festival.

“Forms of Japan”, which includes black & white photographs taken in Japan by Michael Kenna, acknowledged to be one of the masters of black & white photography, is exhibited in O’Art, which is hosting Fotoistanbul Festival for the second time.

The exhibition is curated by Attila Durak who is known for his documental photographs taken in many countries including Pakistan, India, Nepal, Syria, Jordan, Spain, Hungary and Turkey.

The exhibition was opened with a cocktail event at O’Art with the attendance of art lovers, famous artists and prominent figures of the society.

“Shikoku, is the place whom Kobo Daishi, the Grand Master of Shingon Buddhism, has traveled to 1,200 years ago. His legacy now includes an 800 mile Henro-Michi pilgrimage trail of 88 temples spread throughout Shikoku. In 2003, for my 50th birthday, I undertook this pilgrimage by car, and photographed all the temples along the way,” is how Micheal Kenna described his work. The exhibition can be visited at O’Art between October 19 and November 26, 2017.

About Michael Kenna:

Anglo-American photographer born in 1953 in Widnes, Lancashire, England, and internationally renowned master of black and white landscape. Michael Kenna is a traveler, and a citizen of the world. He studied at Banbury School of Art and later at the London College of Printing where he graduated with distinction in 1976. Coming from a working-class background, he saw photography not only as a personal expression but also to make a living. In 1977 he moved to San Francisco, then to Seattle, where he still lives today. His work is cultivated by walking day and night, observing, waiting, meditating, silence, long-exposures and singing.

Michael Kenna offers us the beauty of the world. He develops all his silver prints himself and likes them in small sizes which he believes is sincerer. His work appears in various corporate collections around the world along with more 60 exclusive books.