Good news for civil servants from Odeabank!

Good news for civil servants from Odeabank!​

Good news for civil servants from Odeabank!

Odeabank offers a special credit to civil servants up to 20 times their salary with an interest rate of 0.99%. The credit term can be extended up to 60 months and repayments can begin after 3 months with low interest rates.

Odeabank celebrates the bayram holiday of civil servants with a special credit offer. With the campaign designed specially for public employees, they can get a loan up to 20 times their monthly salary with 0.99% interest rate and 99 TL fee. Within the campaign, no proof of income is required for the loan with a term of up to 60 months. The campaign also provides a 3 month repayment extension option with low monthly payments. The applications can be made at Odeabank branches as well as the through Odeabank web site.

"Special loan up to 20 times your salary with no income document” for Civil Servants
Total Loan Amount Term (months) Payment Amount Interest Rate Cost (Excl. Tax) Total Repayment(Incl. Fees & tax) Monthly Percentage Rate (APR)* Annual Percentage Rate (APR)*
1.000 TL 24 48,1 TL 0,99% 99 TL 1.259 TL 2,14% 25,69%
5.000 TL 24 240,7 TL 0,99% 99 TL 5.880 TL 1,37% 16,40%
10.000 TL 36 343,0 TL 0,99% 99 TL 12.453 TL 1,25% 14,99%
20.000 TL 48 549,1 TL 0,99% 99 TL 26.461 TL 1,21% 14,54%
20.000 TL 60 468,0 TL 0,99% 99 TL 28.185 TL 1,21% 14,49%
50.000 TL 60 1.170,1 TL 0,99% 99 TL 70.308 TL 1,20% 14,35%

Includes all taxes and costs for the sample term and loan amount. The insurance costs are not included as they differ for each person. Odeabank reserves the right to change the interest rate, campaign terms and period according to market conditions.