O’Art hosts foreign artists living in Turkey

O’Art hosts foreign artists living in Turkey ​

O’Art hosts foreign artists living in Turkey

Odeabank's art platform O'Art presents the works of foreign artists who have lived or currently living in Turkey for its first exhibition of 2016. The “Multiple Existences” exhibition consisting of the works of eight artists who share their impressions of a land far away from their home country, can be seen until February 21.

“Multiple Existences” exhibition featuring the works of Ali Omar, Angello Bucarelli, Jenny Eichler, Lithian Ricci, Marco Veronese, Pauline Legrand, Tom Whitty and Yannick Belley, examines how the moving of an artist to another geography, leaving behind the land they know affects their works.

Italian artist Angelo Bucarelli describes the relationship of communication with an artwork, saying: “My work which I can describe as conceptual, is based on the concept of 'communication' as a human instinct: People should stay together to communicate with each other.”

Syrian artist Ali Omar, describes the effect of him being in Istanbull on his artworks as: “Being in such a visually, historically, structurally and culturally rich place like Istanbul provides a grat opportunity to observe many details, colors, senses and differences. Its historical dimension also helps to understand the development in the observation of beauty.”

On the other hand, German artist Jenny Eichler points out the importance of artists being in the same platform with other artists from their generation. Saying, “I use different materials in my works such as wood, metal, concrete and ceramic. I am in this exhibition with my sculpture series consisting of 8 pieces I recently made from polyester. I want to show the purity in innocent pride, using children's images.”on the “Multiple Existences” exhibition.

İtalian artist Lithian Ricci, says that Istanbul was an inspiration for his work, describing his relationship with the city with these words: “Istanbul is an open air museum just like Rome, where I come from. It has a bustling energy, a great place where I can enrich my soul and get artistic inspiration...”

Another Italian artist Marco Veronese acknowledges İstanbul as a starting point for an important awareness and describes his two works in the exhibition: “These works (Universe and Utopia) came to life as the material embodiments of my need for a spirituality closer to the human experience that works as a vehicle that connects us to everything, in other words the 'Universe”.

French artist Pauline Legrand, contributes to the exhibition with her work titled “Surprayse” combining the words “surprise” and “pray” in which she works on universal themes based on the local language of her social class, while British artist Tom Whitty appears with his work on the theme that emotions liberate us.

Yannic Belley says that he grew up in Québec, Canada, by the Saint-Lawrance River and Istanbul keeps his connection with his childhood alive. Belley, describes İstanbul’s contribution to his arts with these words: “This is why I don't feel lost in Istanbul. This city was the center of the world for thousands of years. The Marmara Sea, The Bosphorus and The Black Sea. They are all connected and I see ghosts in your river, I hear its music.

The mixed exhibition composed of eorks ranging from oil painting to digital prints and sculputures curated by Özlem Alıcı can be seen at O'Art on the secont floor of Odeabank Etiler Branch until February 21.

About O’Art:

O'Art, the art platform established by Turkey's most innovative bank Odeabank on the second floor of its Etiler branch with the aim of supporting the art world as well as turning Nispetiye Caddesi to a major venue for art, has been hosting notable exhibitions since February 2015. With the art consultancy provided by Özlem Alıcı, O'Art showcases works of different media both from masters and a younger generation of artists. ​​​