Odeabank, has been selected “Best in Social Media” globally

Odeabank, has been selected “Best in Social Media” globally​

Odeabank, has been selected “Best in Social Media” globally

In Global Finance 2017 Digital Banking Awards, Odeabank was selected “Best in Social Media” globally. Odeabank was also selected as the “Best of Western Europe” in 5 categories.

In the 18th “World's Best Digital Banks Awards 2017” organized by Global Finance, a respected global finance publication, Odeabank received a number of awards once again. Odeabank proved once again that it is the best bank in Western Europe in social media, information security and investment services.

In the awards program that received submissions from nearly 300 banks from around the world, Odeabank was selected as the world's best bank in the social media category and was also selected as the best of Western Europe in 5 categories. Odeabank was selected as the best bank in Western Europe in 'Information Security', 'Investment Services' and 'Social Media' categories this year, just as in the previous year. Moreover Odeabank proved its leadership in Western Europe in the 'Web Site Design' and ‘Most Innovative Digital Bank' categories.

In the same awards program Odeabank was selected as the best in Western Europe in previous years in the “Best Bill Payment & Presentment”, “Information Security”, “Investment Services” and “Social Media” categories.

Global Finance’s World’s Best Digital Bank Awards are based on submissions from banks that wish to be considered. Winners are selected based on strength of strategy for attracting and servicing online customers, success in getting clients to use digital offerings, growth of online customer base, breadth of products offered, evidence of tangible benefits gained from digital initiatives, and web site design and functionality.

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