Two concurrent awards to Odeabank

Two concurrent awards to Odeabank​

Two concurrent awards to Odeabank

Odeabank’s corporate web site has been named the public favorite in the highly acclaimed web awards of Turkey, the “Altın Örümcek” (Golden Spider), while receiving the “Best Foreign Bank in Turkey” award from the independent publishing organization EMEA Finance.

Odeabank has been selected as “the public favorite” with its corporate website in the Banking and Finance category at Altın Örümcek, the one and only independent web awards organization in Turkey. In the competition, where the winners are determined by public votes, came out as the first among 323 web sites in the banking and finance category.

More than 18 thousand votes have been cast between March 11 and 27 for 37 different categories in the 13. Altın Örümcek awards.

“Best Foreign Bank” Award to Odeabank from an international institution

An independent publishing organization covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa, selected Odeabank as “The Best Foreign Bank in Turkey” in the European Banking Awards.

The selections were made in 6 categories in many countries in the EMEA region. The banks operating in Turkey were evaluated in the 'Best Local Bank', 'Best Foreign Bank', 'Best Local Investor Bank', 'Best Foreign Investor Bank', 'Best Asset Management' and 'Best Broker' categories. Odeabank was selected as the 'Best Foreign Bank'.​​​