Our Ethical Code of Conduct consists of a series of ethical principles aiming to raise the awareness of representatives of our Bank with regards to the personal and professional liabilities they assume towards the whole of and the parts forming our Bank. These principles, based on the main values of our bank, and shaped according to the “Ethical Values of Banking”, have been designed in order to render the highest occupational standards for honest business and completing all work related issues in a professional and just framework.

Our Bank has adopted compliance with all legislation, rules and regulations applicable wherever we conduct business as a principle.

It is obligatory for all our employees to be aware of and comply with all applicable laws. We expect all our employees to act ethically, lawfully and responsibly in all activities and relations they conduct or build to reach the Bank’s targets.

All employees are expected to consider compliance with ethical standards as a vital element of their responsibilities

Any employee who has suspicions about whether or not a certain situation is in line with ethical principles should immediately contact their managers, the Compliance Department, or the Human Resources Department.

Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness

The success of our Bank’s activities depends on the trust and belief of our customers and employees.

All employees are responsible for the matters stated below in relations with all customers and colleagues, in line with the principles of honesty and integrity:

  • Behaving according to the principle of confidentiality regarding customer and bank information,
  • Keeping fair and accurate records,
  • Conducting transactions in an honest manner,
  • Acting consistently in relations with others,
  • Providing precise, correct and complete information,
  • Not discriminating against religion, language, race, gender, age, marital status or physical appearance,
  • Ensuring a working environment without violence, physical and psychological abuse, alcohol or drugs,
  • Not gaining personal interest related to the title/authority

Information Security

All kinds of information produced or obtained from transactions at our Bank are confidential. Employees are obliged to comply with the applicable policies and procedures and keep customer/employee information confidential. Unless there is prior written authorization, no information related to our Bank’s activities or customer transactions will be disclosed to third persons (including legal entities within our Bank). Information approved for sharing will only be shared to the extent required and allowed by the laws, and to the relevant authorities of the Bank.

Therefore, disclosure of the information below is prohibited:

  • Internal and/or confidential information
  • Financial or organizational information related to the Bank, including information on banking operations, strategies, business plans and processes, proprietary products, technologies, etc.
  • In order to protect the privacy of customers, information on customers and their respective accounts,
  • Third party information submitted to the Bank through the Bank’s subcontractors and commercial addressees,
  • Information on employees’ salaries, personal information and CVs,
  • All private information belonging to the Bank’s customers or representatives

Confidential and restricted information of the customers and the Bank should be maintained in secure locations. Such information shouldn’t be disclosed to or shared with third parties or other workers who do not require such information.

The liability of the employees for protecting confidential information will continue after their resignation/dismissal. No information or document belonging to the Bank can be used for the personal interests of the employees.

Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest may arise if decisions passed by employees with the right to make decisions and with related authorities, in line with their interest, may conflict with the interests of the Bank.

Employees are expected to act in a manner that will contribute to the success of the Bank and avoid conflicts of interest in personal and commercial activities. Employees should avoid all kinds of relations or activities that will or may harm their ability to make impartial and fair decisions while performing their duties. In this respect, the employees are expected to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Investing in companies with which the Bank has commercial relations in a manner that may lead to conflict of interest,
  • Directing a customer whose loan application has been rejected by the Bank to other loan agencies in exchange for a commission, or for an employee to offer this loan to the customer on their own initiative,
  • Acting on behalf of the Bank in transactions in which the employee or their immediate family may gain direct or indirect material benefits,
  • Working at a second job that may cause the employee/the Bank to be criticized, or working in a manner that may have serious impact on the time and attention they have to devote to their duty,
  • Employees joining political or religious groups where they may be perceived as representatives of the Bank (and when they don’t have the authority to represent the Bank), supporting political or religious activities, and using the assets of the Bank for such support;

Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

The Bank values social responsibility and plays an effective role in this respect in all societies it is active in. Taking on a proactive, collaborative and supportive role in society, our Bank provides support for enhancing quality of life, ensures the welfare of the public, leads cultural development, and in general, helps make society a better place for living and for doing business.

Commitment to Ethical and Fair Competition

Our Bank makes no concessions on ethical rules and integrity while competing. It avoids any situation that may confer unfair advantages over its competitors, and does not resort to any illegal methods to gain information about its competitors.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Money laundering is a problem of global proportions with potentially devastating consequences. It is the process of converting illegal proceeds so that funds are made to appear legitimate, and it is not limited to cash transactions.

As a financial institution that offers services and securities to its customers, our Bank adopts a very serious attitude in cooperation with governments, international institutions and other members of the finance sector to close channels that are used by money launderers. Employees are expected to strictly abide by the Anti-Money Laundering Policies and Procedures

In cases of violation of the “Ethical Code of Conduct”, or failure to notify any violations coming to one’s attention, disciplinary procedures may be initiated against employees. When necessary, these matters will be reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee.